Goodbye, Goat: Wilson Valdez Traded to Reds


Oh nos!

The Phillies have traded Wilson Valdez to the Reds for pitcher Jeremy Horst. 

Horst is a 26-year-old lefty with 15.1 career innings pitched and 2.93 ERA that is 2.93 points higher than Valdez’s.

But why the trade? The Big Poker himself, Ruben Amaro, spoke with the Inquirer's Matt Gelb: []

"We decided we were comfortable with the guys we had," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said by phone. "At the same time he had value for us. He served a pretty valuable role for us. But generally, we felt like we had coverage in that area."

"Once we signed Jimmy, we felt like we have three shortstop options in Martinez, Galvis and Valdez," Amaro said. "So we felt OK and comfortable enough to go ahead and move Valdez."



As Gelb notes, the Phillies also have minor leaguers Pete Orr, Kevin Frandsen and Hector Luna. Plus, the Phillies signed Valdez to a $930,000 contract earlier this month– the other guys are all at or near the league minimum, which was $414,000 in 2011. Bargains, yo.


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  1. odd move, who is the utility guy now? Martinez???? I’ll miss valdez…arguably a better glove than Jimmy

  2. WTF! i hope this is not true, i actually like this guy, him and his 2 DP hit into a game, but seriously he is a solid defensive utility man.

  3. I don’t really know how this makes any sense? I understand he is expendable with MiniMart as the utility guy, but with the entire infield being terribly injury prone, he was invaluable to the Phils. And why would they sign him to an inexpensive contract to just turn around and trade him a week later?? Especially for a lefty pitcher with no experience and limited upside? Seems ridiculous, Wilson is probably a better pitcher too.

  4. He is 33, a journeyman and is a million dollars off the books…for a 26 year old left hand pitcher…no problem with this deal at all.

  5. he was the phillies mvp over the last two seasons. his bat wont be missed but his versatility in the field will be.
    Good luck Wilson!!!!

  6. NOOO! He was one of my favorite players, and incredibly valueable to the team. Now who’s going to fill in for utley/rollins

  7. @ scrooge – are you serious? If so, do you watch the game of baseball, because that is the dumbest comment I have read on this site. The guy stinks, let it go

  8. McGinty, the definition of a most valuable player is someone who would have been missed had he not been around. Without Valdez holding down the fort during the Infield Armageddon of 2010 and through the Utley/Rollins/Polanco injuries of 2011, we would’ve been a lot closer to being screwed than we were.
    I can’t say I’ll miss that guy’s bat, but I’ll miss his defense and that cannon arm of his.

  9. Anyone saying Valdez will be missed is as dumb as a rock. There are at least 50 Wilson Valdezes in the league. Get your facts straight and come back and see me. I’m a man, I’m 30.

  10. Guess having Roy Halladay in 2010 and 2011 didn’t help.
    He was a marginal role player at best. Lets stop over rating a guy who couldn’t hit, run, had decent range and threw hard.
    @ Gundy – half these clowns probably think valdez is better than Rollins

  11. Yes, saying he’s an MVP is overreaching.
    But don’t blame people for saying they are gonna miss him. It’s part of what makes Philly fans great- we appreciate the little guy, the role player. Because, while maybe not as talented as the star players, those guys work hard every day. And we appreciate it. So we’ll miss him. Get over it.

  12. We got the short end of the stick. Valdez was the best and most underrated utility infielder in the game. He played 2B, SS & 3B with finesse and had real gold glove potential if he was a starter. In addition to those opinions, he batted around .250 w/his average jumping to .370 with RISP. And he has a 0.00 ERA. 🙂

  13. “@ scrooge – are you serious? If so, do you watch the game of baseball, because that is the dumbest comment I have read on this site. The guy stinks, let it go”
    Posted by: The Real Iron Balls McGinty | January 25, 2012 at 06:21 PM
    @ The Real Fake IB McGinty – are you still at it? If so, do you read this blog (because yours is the dumbest comment I have read on this site)? You stink worse than donkeys balls*, let this impostering postering of me name go! You’re so dense, dull, and soft, you really should change YOUR (not you’re) name to Lead Balls and leave the real posting to the REAL and originall Iron Balls (me).
    *: Even worse than you suck donkey’s balls. And goat’s balls too (to tie-into Laddie-Boyo’s title hahahahahah).

    The Real “Real” Iron Balls McGinty—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  14. Well said Mr. IBMcG. Welcome back. This turd using your name probably sits around at his desk, in his crummy job all day with his gi-normous head typing comments on every website out there. Don’t let him get you down.
    That being said, does anyone really care Valdez is gone?

  15. Thanks 4 Chin. But I was never gone. Just busy having a long fun weekend in the 33139 despite all the goings on elsewher in the big world. Sometimes even I’m too busy to get to Laddie-Boy’s “scriptuals” (hahahahahah).
    That being said, I care a little bit… in the scheme of things. For such a let-down in the post season his short stint as a pitcher in that 19 inning game became one of the high points of that prematurly ejackyoulated season. I’ll miss that and his grit but the Phils are still a business, preferrably to win all the way (with the best players money can buy), so this is par for the course for Valdez’ worth.

  16. I love when you people prove you never watch baseball
    “Valdez will be missed”…. LMAO !!
    I’m sure you morons said the same about Eric Bruntlet too.
    Beez Nutz

  17. Yo Dick Nutz, I will personally miss Valdez and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s was a good guy. That being said, dude couldnt run or hit so getting him for a lefty is a good “risk.”. I think my bigger issues is Mini Mart. This guy is more versatile yes, but like Wilson, can’t hit for shit. Rubes.. How’s about you go get us David Wright and call it a day?… What do ya say?

  18. Valdez has more wins than the pitcher we got for him. I think that pretty much sums up how I feel about this move.

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