HD Video Shows Suspect’s Face in Beating of Rangers Fan


Last night we spoke with the man – we’re calling him "Lou" - who shot the video of the fight between Flyers and Rangers fans outside Geno’s. After a text message exchange, the details of which we posted here, Lou informed us that he had an iPhone 4… which shoots in high-definition. 

Lou sent us the video file last night, but iPhones compress large files, which means the video we received had only a slightly higher resolution than what was posted on YouTube. Today, Lou was able to send us the original file.

As you can see above, the video is significantly clearer, and shows the face of the man police are looking for.

The full video is after the jump, and may take a second to load in HD.


Select 720p for HD:


100 Responses

  1. Hope that catch these drunk ass fake fucking fans. Disgrace to other Flyer fans. Pussies at that too.

  2. Keep it up, Kyle. I hope they catch these assholes soon. Idiots like these give every Philadelphia fan a bad name.

  3. send it in face recognition and find out who he his. I would like to hear what he was thinking. Also there are so many people there and they did nothing? Wow!! Plus he can’t be from Philly, nobody I knoe eats at Geno’s, nasty , nasty chesse steak YUCK!!

  4. If you look closely at the 6 second mark of the video you can clearly see the rangers fan lick the tit on that girl!

  5. That was an absolute disgrace, the kid that got hit looked like he was 12 years old, I am assuming that was his Dad that tried to come in and help him out. What a cheap shot, they were outnumbered but they kep pouncing, and then when the “little kid” is wobbly trying to see if his Dad is ok, the fat fuck comes in and sucker punches him. Hope they are ok, straight disgrace. Go Flyers, minus these assholes

  6. This is embarrassing. Sucks to be him, he’s going to have a nice hefty sentence. He’ll rat all his friends out too. Idiots…
    I really hope this doesn’t hurt our image as a city, but honestly, I wouldn’t blame anyone if they talk dirt on Philly. It’s so embarrassing to live here sometimes…

  7. White guy in his 20’s with chinstrap beard in a flyers jersey, that narrows it down to about 20,000 suspects.

  8. Am I the only one who finds it funny that “Jim” made fun of Geno’s steaks? But I do concur, Geno’s steaks and disgusting

  9. 20-something white male amateurs from Delco and New Jersey ruin sporting events. Every home game is amateur night for these jabronis who can’t hold their liquor and feel the need to start trash.
    I hope this asshole gets cornholed in prison some day. chin strap = prison bottom.

  10. this dude prolly lives in his mom’s basement in south philly. and why were the other ranger fans just standing around? makes ny fans look like girls!

  11. I hope these assholes do jail time. The whole incident was awful, but I got especially fired up seeing them throwing punches at guys on the ground. Cowardly.

  12. Why can’t people figure out how to turn their camera sideways on an iphone? these vertical videos are annoying

  13. Pretty tacky to post your site’s address on the video and picture, but I guess this is what I should expect from a Nova grade who chose the career of a professional blogger…

  14. If it was a black guy in the Flyers gear the whole city would be involved in the manhunt.
    Of course that means it would also have been Wayne Simmonds.

  15. You should quite literally get some kind of an award when they catch these ass hats. Great work Kyle.

  16. Though these guys acted like assholes, there is no reason to go out of your way to narc out a fellow Philly fan.

  17. I’d bet any amount of money he’s from Delco. Mooks like this have been giving my county a bad name for a long time.
    Although, I wouldn’t blame the chinstrap. Having one myself, I’m not about to go kick someone’s ass. My fiancee likes it, and I’ve had it since high school.
    Amazing work Kyle. Hope this guy gets what’s coming to him.

  18. hey hep, i’ll narc you out in a heartbeat if you pulled this shit. What do we have in common besides our love for our Philly sports teams? Thats right, not a goddamn thing!

  19. Good job covering this. The HD video shows a different tale. I figured it was more mutual than the HD shows. These 3 will now have to answer for it.

  20. Fights like this happen at sporting events all the time. Your extreme reaction and quickness to judge make you people as bad as the national media. People do stupid things all the time, especially when they are drunk, unfortunately sometimes others get hurt. Would you want someone hunting down every one of your dumb mistakes and plastering your face on the internet?

  21. Sorry hep, a dumb mistake is the time I forgot to pull out when I banged your mom, or the time you pissed the bed drunk.
    Beating someone senseless over a sports rivarly is not an exceptable mistake in civil society.

  22. Ms. CB, posts bragging about rare media privileges and Watermarks. I’m starting to think you’re trying to validate yourself or something.

  23. “Fights like this happen at sporting events all the time. Your extreme reaction and quickness to judge make you people as bad as the national media. People do stupid things all the time, especially when they are drunk, unfortunately sometimes others get hurt. Would you want someone hunting down every one of your dumb mistakes and plastering your face on the internet? <==== it this guy fucking serious??? YES I do want someone to hunt me down if I was a criminal!!! Assault is against the law for good reason, "It can kill people!" These guys should be hunted down and everyone on the internet should know about it.

  24. hep….irrational thinking such as yours is proof that there will never be a shortage of idiots anywhere. While in college and in backyards fist fights may have been a part of growing up or a rite of passage, incidents like this are gauged as Assault. Being drunk or ignorant of the law is not an excuse.
    For example, a drunk driver kills someone. However, it’s cool, he was drunk and people do stupid things some times right? Sometimes people get hurt when they are drunk. Let’s let all the drunk drivers slide. Wait, you say fights like this happen all the time, so it’s cool. So does every other crime you can think of.
    Good excuse you simpleton. You’re a joke. The fact that after someone was killed in one of our parking lots after being beat to death, and we are still fighting/jumping people, is extremely ridiculous. I love my teams, and would exchange words with anyone at any point regarding them. While I would defend myself if something were to happen, fighting in a situation like this is extremely lame. These guys are straight up losers.

  25. Did this site really need to put watermarks all over the videos and pictures? This site and Kyle disgust me as much as the flyer fans in the video…

  26. OMG. Yo that was almost hard to watch. Especially the knockout punch. What the fuck man. First time in my life I was embarrassed to be from Philadelphia.

  27. do you guys understand the concept of an ‘exclusive’? who cares about watermarks, without him getting this HD copy it wouldn’t be on the f-ing internet. The fact that it is now, there is a better chance these guys will be caught.
    seriously, find something more worthwhile to complain about like comments made above by idiots justifying a Purple Heart recipient and Iraq War Veteran being beaten senseless in front of one of our city’s trademarks (Pat’s is better than Geno’s)

  28. I hope they Plaxico his ass. Have Nutter come out (like Bloomberg did to Plax) and demand the highest possible punishment of this crum-bum.
    He look like he outweighs the victim by aout 125 pounds – you big fucking jerkoff.

  29. And also, everyone has to chill the fuck out about the watermarks and CB.com stamps. Who GIVES A FUCK? Stop nit picking the little shit and look at the big picture

  30. These guys should be Philadelphia Public Enemies Numbers 1-3. It’s these troglodytes that give Philly a bad name and it needs to stop. Fighting at sporting events is asinine and unacceptable for ANY reason.

  31. I find it funny how you idiots (yeah you read it right) think you have passion etc for your team that is why you resort to violence. Philly sport suck and the only reason you have so much… Passion is that none of your teams can win a damn thing. Puff your chests out because you can knock an already groggy man down. You are just giving your city a bad rep. For those phily fans with a brain and know that this was wrong and uncalled for i apoligize. Dicks the lot of you. Go Dream Team!!!! LMAO.

  32. Do New York people act this way with Philadelphia, No. They insult everyone, everywhere they go. This is not the first city to listen to the classless trash that New York spews. Classy lol. It’s a main stay for them, just take a look above.
    Everybody seems to skirt the fact that HE CALLS HIM A SCUMBAG among other things, this is not trash talking, this is insulting someone. He got called out. What was the war hero doing calling people scumbags among other things?
    New York’s mentality is to put people down so they feel better about themselves. It’s a common practice with chimps. I lived there, I worked there. It’s deemed OK to insult each other. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s nothing like they claim it to be. Something like the Heavyweight fighter that dances all around for 10 minutes ,pounds his chest, jumps of the ropes, and gets knocked out with the first punch.

  33. @marco: what to generalize and stereotype. that’s like me saying everyone from philly is a douchebag with a chinstrap who can’t handle their liquor and have small penises so they resort to violence because it’s the only way they can handle situations.
    but i wouldn’t say that because i don’t believe it. there are many wonderful people from philly. just like there are many wonderful people from new york who don’t put people down. some of them even help old ladies carry their groceries.

  34. There looks to be another Flyers fan trying to break up the fight. He’s got a black coat on and is wearing one of those pom-pom topped ski caps.
    And that guy in the blue rangers jersey. He seems to be walking off with the main aggresser. Maybe they’re cohorts. Maybe the main aggresser is really a rangers fan and is did it just so that it can make Philly look bad.
    I hope the cops can make good use of this and find the wankerers soon.

  35. Wow, this gave me chills and not in a good way. SAD is the only word to describe this. I pray for the fellow who was hurt and I hope he knows not all of us Philly fans are like this. So not worth it dude and I hope they find you, someone speak up!

  36. Thought I read where ranger fan was a nj cop, hope he pulls that douchbag over and gives him a good nightstick fucking.

  37. From what I saw, the guy in the NYR jersey was the instigator. He kept calling the Flyers fan names and then shoved the Flyers fan.
    I’ve read where the NYR fan was an off-duty cop from NJ. He acted like a typical cocky NJ cop until he rightfully had his a$$ handed to him. Without his badge, gun and uniform, he was shown to be the wimpy bully he really is.
    Besides, why on Earth would a true Flyers fan be at GENO’S? Pat’s across the street is much better, and they aren’t even the best in Philly.

  38. Although there’s a rivalry between our two teams, there’s absolutely no place for this. Thanks Kyle for posting this and outing this douche bag.
    -From a Blueshirts fan

  39. I give it 24-48 hours and chinstrap and his friends will be ratting each otehr out. I hope every Marine he encounters from now on punches his fat chinstrap face in for ganging up on these guys.

  40. He was in Critical condition, then released Angelically the next morning. OK.
    the “Situation” got knocked the **** out!

  41. They better catch this asshole soon. Doing that to an Iraq War vet. What a disgrace this piece of shit is.

  42. The team can help as well as that clip shows a face / and team number all they have to do is check the security cameras at the venue… Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out as 68, gold chain, and face like that along with facial recognition availability on Facebook… I give them a few weeks to fess up or they’ll be outed by their friends. If they can find the group from LA / Oakland then same technology will get these people too.

  43. It is only a sports game. I love hockey but not when people are hurt because of immature grown men. People do not deserve to be hurt over something as minor as a hockey game. Grow up, Mr Chin-strapper!! Hope karma catches up with him.

  44. Sweet KO I wish I was there I would have layed the smack down on that faggot ass cop…I would have giving him 9 inches of my time…no rangers fan deserves to step foot into my city…he deserved the ass whooping he got bet he doesn’t come down here anymore

  45. Here’s hoping these pieces of shit giving our city yet another black eye wind up in jail real soon.
    Good job, CB!

  46. Who cares if they catch the guy(s). Everyone knows that you don’t talk shit in philly and especially with the flyers! It’s a fight and its like everyone has never seen a fight before!!! It’s philly for a reason and it shows that we mean what we say. If someone comes up to me in my flyers gear and say we suck and then they start talkin shit, then I’m going to fight it with him if it comes to that point. So all you mama’s boys keep you mouth shut and keep you mouth out of other peoples buisness

  47. It’s official McNarc all the female readers and ranger fans love you I hope these guys don’t get caught and they sneak you at the next phillies tailgate. I’m pulling your flyers card over this, this guy got stitches back in woodbriidge missed out on his shitty cheesesteak boohoo….. You think if they’re caught the national media will ease up on Philly? Talk shit get hit its rich boy jag offs like you that dont understand the streets working at ESPN talking shit about Philly then you want to head downtown and have a couple limoncellos and continue to talk shit. It don’t work that way pussy.

  48. How is posting the blogs name on the video tacky? Kyle is posting everything to help the public find this jerk off. Putting the blogs name gives people the source for any updates or breaks. Good work kyle!

  49. Hey all you people who say no one should come into your neighborhood wearing other teams jerseys, you just don`t get it. Most people think it`s OK to follow your team other places & it used to be fine. Talking crap was just part of the friendly rivalry but stupid people just don`t get it. That`s why a poor child was killed in Philly years back for wearing a Cowboys jersey. He didn`t deserve to die because he didn`t know your warped rules. YOU ARE WRONG! You should tolerate other fans coming to you city helping local businesses make more money. Grow up and get a life.

  50. Ahh, 2% of New York is rich, but they all would like to think they are. It’s a running joke here. North Jersey is even worse.

  51. Oh Jesus Christ. Get over it Rob. Sometimes you get your ass kicked, sometimes you kick someone’s ass, life goes on. As a man I’m more pissed when women are targeted by idiots such as Cliff’s wife getting spit on by Yankee’s fans, but I guess you didn’t have time to put up an apology website for that. Stop being such a pussy.

  52. His name is Jeff Long. On facebook he is Geophrey Adam. Someone tell me where I can report him. This is a new low for him. He also has a pretty bruised up hand. That’ll explain it. He is from Bridesburg.

  53. Philly sports fan here. This is appalling, embarrassing, sickening, etc. I know there are plenty of STUPID, IGNORANT fans in Philly, but there are plenty of people like me too that absolutely can not stand these morons and their actions. It’s a game people. No one is impressed that you can jump a guy. And why? Because he likes a team from another city? Who cares. I HATE New York teams as much as the next person, but come on, these are human beings and this is only a game. And then to find out this guy was a Iraq vet and a Police Officer – this is just sickening. I would have wanted to shake the guys hand and buy him a cheesesteak, NOT punch him when he wasn’t looking. It was a hockey game and his team won – he didn’t rape your daughter. The idiots that did this are no different from all the others in Philly that have done sort of thing. But it’s not all Philly fans. It’s just like the punks that rioted in Vancouver when the Canucks lost. We shouldn’t lump everyone together. I for one, as a Philly fan am extremely embarrassed by this and hope and pray these animals get caught and are punished severely. These idiots don’t understand sports. They are just morons wearing jerseys and drinking beer. They have no clue that sports are for entertainment and for an escape from the evils of the world. Instead they bring the evils of the world to the sport. Very very sad.

  54. Nice work Kyle. One more step in the right direction for catching this cocksucker. Only a matter of time before SOMEONE turns him in with the clear shots of his face in those screen captures. And if what Duggie says above is correct, dude’s toast. This fat fuck is an absolute disgrace to humanity, let alone Philadelphia. Looking forward to reading additional blog entries about how he’s been captured and charged with felony assault. If he gets raped in prison that will just be the icing on the cake.

  55. I’ve seen 8th graders get in rougher fights than this. Why have we Americans have turned into such pussies? An 18 year old Israeli chick in the IDF could probably fuck up every dude in that video. Grow some balls people.

  56. Does it matter that this guy is a cop and a war vet? Does that make an assault worse than if it was on a banker or a taxi driver? Unless he was walking around with his resume taped to his chest his history is insignificant to this story. The sensationalizing of the story using this dudes background really bothers me, because it has NOTHING to do with the incident. Just stop it already.
    I hope those clowns are caught and pay for assaulting someone, but the rest of it is aggravating.

  57. dougie, that does look like jeff. he beat some guy up down in the city before and ran away from the cops always getting into trouble

  58. Great job by those who have a heart…I’m a Rangers fan and there are JO’s in every city at every game…That includes NY and Philly and all the rest..Great job of trying to catch these scumbags and I hope they pay dearly..anyone who makes some of the dumbass comments on here and other blogs I find it pathetic that the guy your making fun of risked his own life for you…go live somewhere else because honestly your no better than these cheapshot artists…

  59. @dore33 your right, that Iraq war was life and death for our country all those hidden WMD’s phewwww close one

  60. These idiots and the idiot flash mobbers that wreaked havoc last year are lucky they haven’t run into someone who is packing, cause you know what they’d get their fucking face blown off!

  61. This is fucking nuts we go on road tips to see the flyers all the time shit like that happen all the time the reason its getting so much hype is it was the winter classic game get real if this was a flyers fan walking around in the bronx after the flyers just beat the rangers in a game the same fucking thing would happen to him we just wouldnt go there ….i love the flyers I love philly …….i proud that I am from philly ..

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