Here’s The Mask Sergei Bobrovsky Will Wear Today

Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 11.54.12 AM

So we exerted entirely too much effort on Bryz’s mask, which will likely be seated under a temporary bench this afternoon.

Here’s what Sergei Bobrovsky is wearing. It’s a bit more, um, classic than Bryz’s, and includes Independence Hall, but there’s none of that old-time Philly sports imagery.

Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 11.54.00 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 11.54.00 AM

Pics courtesy of the Flyers

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7 Responses

  1. I get a definite “living in a spherical shaped glass house, surrounded by dreamcatchers and wearing an aluminum foil hat” vibe off of Bryz. Dude has issues.

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