J.C. Romero Proved Supplement He Took in 2008 Was Tainted, Settles Lawsuit

Jc_romeroJ.C.: Martyr

So, it turns out that when J.C. Romero was sprinting off the mound, growling and tugging his nuts like a caged fighter on methamphetamine during the 2008 season, he wasn’t on steroids. Who knew?! 

Juan Carlos Romero knew.

In a story in yesterday’s NY Daily News (I truly love how the Inquirer and Philly Daily News are generally asleep at the switch on meaningful things… except for when Bill Conlin touches little kids), we learned that Romero settled a lawsuit against the makers of 6-OXO Extreme (sounds safe), the supplement which he had been using when he tested positive for androstenedione in August of 2008, just two months before he won two World Series games – including Game 5 – for the Phillies. Tests – ordered by the Players Association – later revealed that the supplement was tainted.

Juan Carlos tells us more: [NY Daily News

"I didn't cheat," said Romero, 35. "Some other people were being negligent and I had to pay the price. But I've been using this to educate other players. I haven't been able to be the same since I was suspended. I didn't believe the suspension could affect me the way it did.

"The amount of money (in the settlement) isn't relevant. What is relevant is that people know my side. Some fans questioned my integrity. Now there is some closure and I can say the 2008 World Series was legit. Now I can focus on dominating for another five years, hopefully." 


I’m not quite sure Romero is going to dominate for even another three weeks, let alone five years… but we like the spirit. 

Romero maintained his innocence all along, even though he served a 50-game suspension at the start of the 2009 season. And while this doesn’t change much for the Phillies or us, the fans, now, the news does take away most of that sizable shred of doubt that our dominant reliever wasn’t supplementing his abilities with banned substances. 

Now, if only we could say the same thing about the 1993 Phillies…

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  1. You do realize that nowhere in either of those articles do they say the supplement was tainted. The case was settled; it wasn’t decided in Romero’s favor. Big difference.

  2. Jesus we’re coming up on the 20th anniversary of the ’93 team, holy shitballs I’m old

  3. What does tainted supplement mean? As I read it, he was still on Andro, he just didn’t take it knowingly. So, he’s not a cheater, but he still was juiced to a certain extent. Or, does tainted supplement mean it creates false positives?

  4. If he wasn’t roided up, why did he suddenly start choking big dicks after the suspension. I call bull.

  5. whatever happened to the old Phils reliever who killed his poolboy with a machete or some shit down in whatever shitwater mexicoland he came from?

  6. Could JC have tainted the 6-OXO Extreme himself? Why the hell would the producer add androstenedione to a batch? lol. Anyway, I still think he’ll be a dominate set up man for Jonathan Papelbon with or without the juice.

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