JVR Out Indefinitely With Concussion

This is the hit – by the Senators' Bobby Butler – that most likely gave JVR his concussion. Senators announcers called JVR's reaction an embellishment.


Paul Holmgren issued a very detailed statement:

"James was hit in the head in each of our last two games. He reported yesterday, not feeling like himself. He will be out indefinitely with a concussion."


Thanks, Paul.

van Riemsdyk has been bothered by a hip issue for most of the season – which might explain his sometimes lackluster play – and this certainly isn't going to help things. But, as Courier Post beat writer Randy Miller points out, the concussion is going to put an end to those trade rumors: [Flyer Files]

Flyers left wing James van Riemsdyk isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Not to the Nashville Predators. Not on the ice with the Flyers.

A day after being linked to talk that he could be traded to Toronto for defenseman Luke Schenn, JVR was shut down indefinitely with a concussion that no one outside the organization knew about.


In other news, the Flyers' $51 million netminder will be minding the net tonight!


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  1. This should end the trade rumors. Not that I believe he was going anywhere. Especially for a player like Luke Schenn who has been even more underwhelming than JVR. Not that I don’t love JVR, but the fact that he was second only to Patrick Kane in the draft is pretty funny looking back.

  2. Though it looked like JVR was embellishing this, I was surprised that he quickly came back into the game. Obviously Talbot’s hit in the Isles game is another instance of this. The Flyers don’t take concussions seriously enough.

  3. @Schtick its not that they dont take them seriously. if the players passes concussion testing hes allowed to return to the game. they follow league mandates just like everyone else. its just that nobody on the flyers had a concussion as serious as crosbys that they need to shut him down for 2 seasons.idk if youve ever had a concussion but ive had more than my fair share. symptoms can sometimes be delayed. as long as jvr didnt report any symptoms whether he was experiencing them or not then the team cant really act on him having a concussion if they dont know about it

  4. Hits just keep on coming. Jesus Christ, can we get through one fucking game without an injury!

  5. @johnny When a player gets elbowed in the head and drops to the ice like he was shot, wouldn’t it be prudent to rest him for the remainder of the game and examine him for a concussion. That obviously did not happen. They may have given him a concussion test after he finished the game (Holmgren should asked about it).
    The situation with Crosby was that he had two concussion within a short period of time.
    The Flyers argument that the concussion was acquired incrementally is ridiculous. The media is afraid to take them to task. Flyers fans also have this ridiculous notion that the media is the enemy.

  6. I hate ignorant announcers. You can see Butler’s arm move when he hits JVR. Also, hockey is not the only sport in which you change on the fly; it’s done in lacrosse, the national sport of their country, too.

  7. i concur with the notion that the flyers underplay the severity of cocussions, with all the shit going on in the league with concussions right now, i was shocked as shit when Talbot didnt miss a shift the other night after getting his face smashed in. if concussions were taken so seriously.. he woul have been taken to the quiet room for observation, i’ll bet my balls to a barn dart that over the next few days it comes out that max is concussed as well.

  8. Hockey fucking sucks anymore. Get rid of the helmets and encourage more fighting. If you get a concussion, it’s up to you not to play. If any of these guys get alzheimer’s in their 40s, sorry tough luck, but you get paid millions to play a kid’s game so that’s life. Fuck off and die.

  9. Butler is a POS scrub – wouldn’t be sad at all if that guy had to leave the game forever due to massive injury.

  10. …and that announcer, too bad THAT asshole doesn’t get crushed hard by workplace violence. Then he can sit there with his teeth in his hands while some random asshole bystander jeers at him for ’embellishment.’

  11. Fuck!
    AFC… Another Fucking Concussion!
    Look on the bright side: The one nice thing about that video is seeing that very cute broonet again sitting behind the Ottawa coach starting at about 32 secs: http://youtu.be/TzVmjN4CDeQ?hd=1&t=32s She looks kinda like a Liv Tyler. I’d like to get to know her better. Dear Sweetheart, if you read this, call me.
    And fuck that idiot Sens announcer saying it was embellishment! That just proves that Canadians know Jack Shyte about hockey.

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