Longtime Phillies Broadcaster Andy Musser Dies at Age 74

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According to a report by the Inquirer’s Matt Gelb, longtime Phillies broadcaster Andy Musser died today at the age of 74.

Sad. Another Phillies voice, gone.


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  1. Figures..
    The one douchebag in the photo is the only 1 still alive, meanwhile all the greats have passed 🙁
    Still miss you Harry and Whitey..!!
    RIP Andy..
    Condolences to your family at this time and all through the future weeks..

  2. Whoops! Didn’t even notice what I had typed. Damn iPad and it’s auto spelling. RIP, Andy Musser.

  3. RIP Andy…will always remember listening to your voice as a kid while trying to stay awake listening to the games on school nights. God Speed my friend…your in good company now.

  4. Took a back seat in life, took a backseat in death.
    Not even a mention on Joe’s day.
    Maybe he should’ve watched a guy touch a kid.

  5. “And on the hill for the Braves is Steve Bedrosian. He will be the third bearded pitcher the phillies will face this evening”
    -Andy Musser, RIP

  6. Wheels and Sarge eats big fat dicks. The Phils definitely need to pay attention to #shitmaliksays and get a clue in their broadcast booth. My vote goes for Daulton and Williams.

  7. Franske and LA should be doing the TV broadcasts, been saying it since HK passed. Sarge adds zero value and we got our collective fill of “middle in” by the mid 80s.

  8. “He buried it…”: Andy’s greatest call, Schmitty busting extra-inning HR against Montreal in 1980.
    RIP Andy

  9. PS,
    Same sentaments as Steve Mix above https://www.crossingbroad.com/2012/01/longtime-phillies-broadcaster-andy-musser-dies-at-age-74.html?cid=6a0120a6dde087970b0168e6008fad970c#comment-6a0120a6dde087970b0168e6008fad970c
    And F*ck Wheels’ bad combover too! At least Whitey had the keen fashion sense to wear a cap to protect his poor ol’ expossed tender scalp (and a rather nice one at that, I want one like that—the cap, not the tender scalp—I already have one ever since I lost all me follickles in that industreel accident).

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