Marcus Hayes Doesn’t Think NBA Players Have Strong Relationships With Their Fathers


Often racist Marcus Hayes, the man who once said Chase Utley gets a free pass in this town because he’s white, took aim at the other side of the spectrum today. After Frank Seravalli and his perfectly coiffed hair told the Daily News Live panel about Minnesota Wild players bringing their fathers on this current road trip, which stops in Philly this eve, Hayes looked perplexed. He then had this to say: 

“It's a good thing they don't do that in the NBA.”


Whatever could he be talking about?

The highlight, though, is the usually stoic Seravalli's reaction, which had him looking like he stepped in dog shit… or into an unfortunate screenshot on Crossing Broad.

The video is after the jump.

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Video via Deadspin


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  1. I agree J.T.. Why do they keep bringing this fucking loser on T.V. he is bad enough in the newspaper.

  2. First, I can only think of one way to interpret his comment. Second, This is as bad or worse than Bill Conlin’s blueberry comments. The punishments should be equal.

  3. Douche is always either deadpanning for the camera and making unfunny jokes or anticipating his next opportunity to deadpan for the camera and make an unfunny joke. Hopefully Barkann throws him a permaban.

  4. I really hate Marcus Hayes but I do agree that Utley does get a pass in part because he is white. (I am white)

  5. I really hate Marcus Hayes also but I do agree that a lot of NBA players probably come from single parent homes. But like the Utley thing, why the fuck does he have to inject race into the conversation at all? Ironically he will probably get a pass because he’s half black himself. If Dick Jerardi said that he’d have to move into Conlin’s condo by the end of the week.

  6. Perhaps Utley gets a pass because he busts it as hard as he can on every play.
    Just a thought..

  7. I agree that the Utley bit is a bubbemeise, but it’s certainly provocative. Philly is quite a racist place, but it’s mostly benign, and you have to be clever to point it out. I think Hayes thinks he’s accomplishing this, but Utley is actually a very gritty and tough white guy.

  8. Utley gets a pass because hes the first one at the stadium everyday and works his ass off. Doesnt matter what color he is.

  9. Utley gets a pass for the same rason Dawkins would get a pass, they work their fuckin asses off and play hard

  10. I never had a strong relationship with me da and look how I turned out. Likewise all me kids (gotta be some boys, statisstically) are probably just as glad that they never have known me.
    That said, don’t forget that all the Flyers had there das in the locker room to celebrate their second Cup victory. They even made a point about it in the HBO Broad Street Bullies documentarry. Actually, that did kinda make me feel all wobbily inside for a moment when I saw it, but I never got all sorts of damp over it (as Laddie Boy would say, iffin he meant there’d be tears of joy).

  11. I just want to know what Marcus has on his boss that has allowed him to keep his job all these years. Hands down the worst of the bunch on

  12. My take: By the facial expressions, I inferred that Marcus thinks the father-son NHL player bonding thing is less than cool.
    While watching him, I think he was trying to think of something funny to say about white players traveling with their white dads, anything to bust on whitey, but he couldn’t think of anything.
    So, when pressed, he made a completely rational and accurate (politically incorrect) comparison to NBA players who being mostly black Americans are not known for strong father-son relationships.
    Show of hands, ever seen AI’s dad, Barkley’s pop, LeBron’s fodder, anyone? Bueller?

  13. Marcus Hayes and David Murphy should have gay sex to produce the world’s first quasiracial smug baby

  14. Man…our City has some of the biggest fucking losers in our sports media scene. Tom Byrne, Marcus Hayes, David Murphy, and the list goes on. Damn, for being a top 5 poplulation city and one of the USA’s biggest media markets, you would think we could get some better talent than this. I mean, with so many unemployed right now, these news outlets could have the pick of the litter. Wake the fuck up and fire these toolbags.

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