Reminds Us That Chris Wheeler Has Been Ruining Phillies Games For 25 Years

Yesterday, posted a short tribute video to the late Andy Musser (he didn’t have quite the library of footage that Harry Kalas had…). In it, we’re treated to Musser’s call of Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run and, unfortunately, a much younger Chris Wheeler stomping all over another great Phillies moment.  

Musser’s call was fine, but Schmidt’s historic home run lacks weight when it’s not accompanied by Harry’s pipes. Or it could just be because Wheels felt it was necessary to remind us that great players do great things… and this was a great thing.

To cleanse yourself, we recommend watching this montage of Harry's greatest calls.


15 Responses

  1. I’ll never understand the Wheeler hate.
    Say what you want, the guy knows more about the fucking game and this team in particular than ANYONE, yes I said ANYONE, he’s ever shared that booth with.

  2. Let me explain the Wheeler hate to you Fatman: He never shuts the fuck up and let’s the game happen.

  3. Then you must hate the shit out of T-Mac.
    Cause that fucking guy NEVER shuts his trap. And half the time he is too busy talking about and mentioning the fans in the crowd like anyone gives a shit that there is a 5 year old with his dad. 9th inning, game on the line and T-Mac has to interject
    “Wheeeeeeels there are 45,000 strong on their feet…they ae going nuts! Look at the fans! Oh by the way the 3-2 pitch is a called third strike and the PHILLLLLIIIIIEEEEESSSSSSS WINNNNNNNN ITTTTTTTTTTTT.”

  4. I’m with Fatman — it’s play-by-play guy’s job to control the pace of the game call. The color guy is there to, well, add color — context, information, factoids, etc. and Wheels does as good a job of it as anyone.
    Yes, he’s corny and he does tend to ramble, but I only think it ruins the game if you’re predisposed to hating the guy, or you think you already know everything about the game.

  5. I would rather listen to wheels all day then have to listen to TMAC (mets fan) say a word during a broadcast. As a lifetime Phillies fan it kills me that we have to listen to TMAC when we could be listening to Scott and Larry on tv…..

  6. The “Wheeler-never-shuts-up” stance is old.
    Its up there with “SNL-hasnt-been-good-since-the-original-cast” or “the-Super-Bowl-is-always-a-blowout”.
    Its old bullshit that hasnt been accurate in ages.
    Watch a game. He doesn’t yap as much as your Dad told you he does.

  7. If the Phillies win the World Series I would rather hear Wheeler get the call than TMAC…Heck I’d rather hear Sarge. TMAC blows.

  8. In my 20 years of watching major league sports, Tmac is the worst play by play guy I have ever heard. Freaking used car salesman.

  9. It’s fine to talk about the game a lot. Except Wheeler talks to the fans like their his fucking grandkids who are watching their first baseball game.

  10. Did you ever think that he IS talking to kids watching the game for the time?
    Like all of us were?

  11. wheeler wasn’t so bad when harry was around because harry new how to pace the game. Now with T-mac it’s like we’re watching them try to see who can get in the most words per minute, and oh yeah by the way there’s a baseball game going on.

  12. What do guys like Chris and Marcus Hayes have on their bosses that allows them to keep their perspective jobs? Pictures of them committing adultery? I mean what gives?

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