UPDATE: Mr. Lidge Goes to Washington


: It's official. The Nationals announced the signing of Brad Lidge to a one-year contract. Jim Salisbury says the deal is worth $1 million plus incentives.

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22 Responses

  1. How should the phillies commemorate his perfect season? Obviously he doesn’t have enough clout to warrant a retired number, but there should be a nice plaque and dedication ceremony after he retires.

  2. Brad – thank you – thanks for the memories – the 2008 Championship DOES NOT happen without you!
    Please Phillies fans – remember that.

  3. Now would be a good time to make a list of all our additions and subtractions this offseason. Hop to, Kyle.

  4. It’s like Mike Rizzo hangs out at the dumpster behind Amaro’s office, waiting to feast on his scraps…..
    Anyway, loved Lidge while he was here….wish him all the best. Except when he plays the Phils.

  5. I don’t care that he’s declined so much in recent years. We will always have his 2008 perfect season, and without such we would of never won the World Series. I’l l e sad to see him go, and I’ll still rock his jersey.

  6. Raise the glass and toast the memory, cheer the effort and the man’s courage to still want that closer role. But 2008 is long ago for us and moving on is the right thing. Good-bye Brad, you’ll always be a hero in this town. Even if you are wearing that stupid W logo on your hat now.

  7. Wow. kind of surprised how nice all these comments are.. Cause of 08.. too bad he sucked in 09 and hardly played in 10. he’s where he belongs with good old Werth.

  8. It seems as though we are systematically ridding ourselves of the team’s goatees. Werth, Valdez, and now Lidge?!
    Somewhere, Shane Victorino is shaving…

  9. The Nat’s are in the middle of trading with Colorado for Jamie Moyer so that they can be the first team in MLB history to only pitch sliders in a game.

  10. Oh great that retard jay grace from Philly.com comments has made his way over to crossingbroad.

  11. I hate like hell seeing Lidge go. Even when he struggled, he was always a class act and a stand up guy.
    I know the velocity on his fastball is way off and that it’s tough to find a good role for him to fill, but I had really hoped the Phillies would find a place for him.
    48-48 was a season for the ages …

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