Of Course a Bruins Fan Tried to Tackle the Lightning Mascot

I find Bruins fans to be the worst sports fans in the world, and believe me, I have the sort of time to follow and think about such things. 

They aren’t particularly passionate, relatively speaking – Boston folks are generally more concerned with the Patriots or what brand of socks that night’s Red Sox starter is wearing or what Bill Simmons said about Larry Legend – but they certainly come out of the woodwork when the Bruins are good, doing things like tossing condoms at one of our contributors, jumping over the glass and onto the ice, and littering the ice with trash and liquor bottles

You can add mascot fights to that list.

On Tuesday night in Tampa, after Lightning mascot Thunderbug sprayed a portly Bruins fans, said portly Bruins fan attempted to tackle the mascot. Again, the mascot that sprayed him with silly string. As Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy notes: That escalated quickly.

Yes it did, Greg. It usually does with Bruins fans.

via Puck Daddy, thanks to reader Steve


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  1. look at that shirt. it just screams, “i’m a tool who only cares about the bruins if they’re winning.”

  2. Yes Boston fans suck but the real story here is did Jeff Vinik consult with Jim Henson Productions to come up with Thunderbug? I sure hope not but I have a bad feeling.

  3. 1)There are bad fans in EVERY fan base, including ours. Generalizing fan bases is what typically pisses off most of us proud Philadelphian’s (myself included,when they stereotype all Philly fans as scumbags.
    2)Why would you try to fight a MASCOT? That’s just stupid. I would’ve gotten up and tried talking to him or chased him a bit or something, but come on now. Who the fuck are you Ace Ventura? Grow up.

  4. Guess I’m in the minority that thinks mascots shouldn’t be spraying shit in people’s faces without permission.

  5. @Mac- Agreed, I woulda been pissed as hell, dude could’ve probably gotten some free gear or tickets out of it if he was smart about it though.

  6. if that happened in Philly it would be all over espn its a ashame the national media has different standards for different teams

  7. I’m just saying I’d be really mad if a mascot from another team sprayed that shit in my face…. Add a couple beers I dunno…You can’t call the guy an asshole though for getting mad and tackling the mascot. The better thing would have been to taken the spray from the mascot and sprayed it with it back, or maybe even pulling its head off… Heat of the moment

  8. Not to justify that Boston frauds actions, but I didn’t know it was a hockey tradition for mascots to spray people with shit, even if its just silly string. Seems like kind of a dumb move.

  9. if it happened with a Flyers fan, he would have knocked him to the ground, punched/kicked him into unconsciousness – and then knowing he was out cold, would have punched him again
    and Philly fans would whine about media coverage –

  10. 2 things:
    This story did not make the national media…
    Posted by: @DXFlyers | January 19, 2012 at 10:46 AM
    ’cause it didnt happen in Philadelphia.
    Thunderbug taunting the guy while he was being ejected is the best part. So much win.

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