Oh Boy… Flyers and Rangers Fans Fight Outside Geno’s

If there was ever a cliché wrapped up in one 45 second video, this is it… Flyers fans fighting Rangers fans waiting in line to get cheesesteaks. 

This is one is pretty sickening.

UPDATE: The original video was taken down by YouTube for being "graphic and shocking," but Barstool ripped it an reposted, which is what you see above.

H/T to (@wyshynski) and (@nickgrgas)


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  1. im a philly guy but that was some bullshit and i personally found it really disturbing. very sad and i hope all those dudes in flyers jerseys get jail time

  2. that last punch is sickening; fuck those assholes and i hope they do press charges against them.

  3. bet that guy in the giroux jersey bought that 3 days ago and returned it today..bandwagon fans all over. this is pathetic

  4. That’s what happens when you don’t speak English when ordering..a South Philly beatdown!

  5. Only a matter of time before this shit hits ESPN, thus the rest of the country. Ive given up on trying to justify myself to the Philly haters… Stuff like this makes it so much harder! Im a born and raised Philly sports fan but I hope these drunk degenerates get thrown in jail without their cheesesteak!

  6. Did I blame you for the fight? No. But the next time you post an “article” about Philly fans getting a bad rap for thuggish behavior, remember that you added a recording of an assault committed by a Philly fan to your blog to boost your web traffic.

  7. At the exact moment of this fight the Flyers (the guys that actually lost the game) were in the Lexus club at the WFC eating lobster and steaks with Mr Snider. When will you retards realize that you are just wasting your time? It’s just a game… Grow the fuck up.

  8. Fans fighting like the players do on the ice! Too bad we couldn’t hear the trademark homophobic rant/soundtrack.

  9. And Philadelphians wonder why the rest of the country calls us the worst sports fans in the nation. I’m so embarrassed that my city is full of uncivilized, uneducated trash.

  10. Typical Kenzos? Someone hasn’t been to Kensington in the last 20 years. The guy in the video is white and can afford a jersey.

  11. Kyle, I agree with “A cop.” I’ve been meaning to say this for awhile but never found the perfect hypocritical post to do so on. Regretfully, I voted for this website as the number 1 sports blog. I enjoyed the website and the information you provide but things such as getting involved with the players (victorino) in a negative way is not why I come here. You also tried to gain our support during that spat which I found unprofessional. Remember, we’re fans of the teams and the players.. not always you. You’ve spent countless hours coming up with reasons and evidence of why we aren’t the monsters portrayed by the media; yet in one post you destroy all of that. You run the number 1 sports blog as voted by the people. People obviously come to your site.

  12. Sucker punch at end is pretty damn weak. However, what did these Ranger fans expect going to Geno’s / Pat’s? If the game was in NYC and I attended AND the Flyers won, I would def. not have gone to a NYC neighborhood to get a sandwich. Takes two to tango.

  13. guys- i call out the mainstream media for unfairly acting like this stuff only happens in philly, it doesn’t, and when they blow stuff out of proportion. in this case, they’d be right to mention this. that’s not hypocritical. this is disgusting, and you know that. Just like you said, my job isn’t to win over fans, but rather provide information (your words). I’d be a hypocrite to not post this, when we post similar, awful stuff from other cities.

  14. I don’t know who these new yorkers think they are eating our cheesesteaks in their rangers jerseys!!!! Good thing the true fans set them straight.

  15. fair enough, kyle. Lasalle’s going to beat malverns ass tomorrow 4-1. Penn state 2 neumann 0. Also on the video, why do non-tourists that age go to geno’s and pat’s ? ? Learn once when you’re curious about the hype and never go back. Second, I agree Frank the Killer. If you’re not prepared for that to happen then don’t go. Sadly people can’t enjoy things anymore because of what ifs. Those rangers fans deserve free cheesesteaks from jims, chinks, and tony lukes.

  16. tip #1: dont wear a rangers jersey to genos in south philadelphia
    no justification but im sure this guy was running his mouth trying to instigate shit. he just picked the wrong asshole to run his mouth to and got knocked the fuck out.

  17. So if you’re out of town and not prepared to get sucker punched and kicked in the head you shouldn’t patronize businesses in Philadelphia?? I think Iran employs a similar economic policy.
    Further who knows who said or did what before the video kicks in. How’s the view from up on your high horse, judging others from a shaky 45-second cell phone video…

  18. Most disturbing thing I’ve seen in awhile, I don’t give a fuck what the rangers fans said that was pathetic.

  19. Lol. I’ve seen maybe thirty fights at Philly sporting events over the years, and guess what? They were all Philly fans vs Philly fans. It doesn’t take an out of towner running his mouth.

  20. Shit happens in every city. Theres always assholes who want to fight. I was at the classic with rangers fans in the row infront and behind us… We all talked shit durring the game, After the game they thanked us for being respectful to them and their kids, we shook hands and wished them a safe ride home.

  21. why are they kenzos. my guess they are punk ass silver spooned kids from the suburbs. why post this like we need more negativity on national scene

  22. wether you like it or not philly act that way, and have acted that way for a long time. so if ur “embarassed” to be from philly or be a philly fan…move somewhere else. everyone knows you gotta be a complete dumbass to wear an opposing teams jersey in philly

  23. Just for the sake of arguing. Who says they didn’t start with their “classless” comments?
    In the 70’s we got tagged with “classless” because we beat them on the ice. This has stuck for decades. Matter of fact EVERYONE is classless when it comes to them. This is how they converse in New York. Is everyone just to stand there and be called classless, or another derogatory remark New Yorkers are VERY well known for doing? It looks to me like he got upset over what he was called.
    They sit there in a make believe state (full of violence)and completely badger people with insults.
    Look what happens. Was it right, no not at all, but look what happens when they have to answer for their insults.

  24. everyone commenting about philly and why they posted it on the website, its bigger then philly, you got fans getting the shit beat out of them all over the place for wearing certain colors, look at the baseball fan from san fran or the football fan of the jets, all seriously beaten, its just gotten out of control, people are just out of control lately. this shits disturbing you don’t know everything that happened you only see the pushing and shoving then the fists fly, its just sad that certain things like this are going to haunt certain citys no matter what because of pure drunk stupidity of grown men acting like 14 year olds at the playground. and then to continue to taunt the guy as he is knocked out just blows my mind, you and 2 people just kicked the shit out somebody and then you think your bad ass, people are such pussys now a days, whatever happened to one on one and settling your beef on your own. sad world today

  25. the ironic part about this site is that kyle scott’s main line villanova ass has probably crossed broad street less than 10 times in his life

  26. it’s like the southpark episode about race crime. This wouldn’t be news if they were both wearing flyers shirts or street clothes. But since you pick out clothes or race, it’s a big deal. Just like how the other Rangers fans there weren’t getting beat up.
    The guy was getting beat up for being a douche or pissing someone off. it happens all the time. relax.

  27. So wait…we say it’s the Ranger’s fans for going to get a cheesesteak wearing their “colors” and they get what they deserved. Right. Obviously we don’t know what was said before the video clicked on but what was seen is fucking disgusting, PERIOD. I’m sure most of us here laugh and ridicule the gangbangers for shooting each other over COLORS…..how is this any different? Take away the gun and add drunk ass white people and you have the same situation.
    I hope these guys get caught and jailed. Fucking idiots, all of them.
    I’m bleed Philly colors, I support my teams to the fullest but this is f’in ridiculous. Unless there’s proof that the Rangers fans instigated the whole thing they didn’t deserve what happened.

  28. I can post 40 videos where they have done the same, but ESPN, nor anyone else will show those.

  29. The fucking jerkoff in the Giroux jersey suckers a guy and then says “yea, go to sleep.” What a waste of a human being..control your alcohol you stupid fuck. Making Philly looking bad. Not what this city is about.

  30. Why the heck would you post this, it’s already getting around but now that you’re publicizing it so more people will see it, more and more fans are going to judge Philadelphia the wrong way. not every flyers fan is like this. these guys are the casuals who buy jersey’s the day before a big game and get the most generic name player on the back. and, they drink til they drop. go through the 40 some-odd thousand people (not the ranger fans) there and see how many of them would commit such an act. I am in no way shape or form a supporter of the Rangers or their fans, but I have tickets to a Rangers Flyers game at MSG, and im now afraid for my life to wear anything Flyers up there, just because this video is going to make ME look bad. Ranger fans will see the logo, and will want to just end me. So thanks for the publicity, asshole.

  31. there is no excuse for this whatsoever. its a game, you morons. who cares who roots for who. cheer for your team. absolutely no need for this.
    by the way, the flyers fans in this video were at ginos after the game, so that means they are probably from south jersey.

  32. Good point by ron paul. Kyle lived in a nice neighborhood so he doen’t understand the culture of philly sports. Hopefully the guy in the Giroux jersey “puts him to sleep” because he is from Nova.

  33. REAL philly fans don’t go to pats or geno’s. REAL philly fans go to Jim’s, T.L’s, Delassandro’s, Chubby’s, and any other hole-in-the-wall cheesesteak joints in the city, not these over-run over-popularized over-rated establishments. These eff-ups are CLEARLY incapable of holding their liquor. if they were lined up and shown on display at Center ice, most flyers fans would boo the HELL out of these fat clowns. I cannot stand the image we get because of drunk belligerent assholes like the ones in this video. if i was there i would stop this shit.

  34. Yeah fuck all yous not from Philly. You come in our house and talk shit ur gettin hit. And all those that are from Philly flaming this stop being pussies. If other people are gonna hate on our city, fuck em causs they’ll get hit too if they ever come here don’t fuck wit us.

  35. Glad more people were filming it, then jumped in to help break it up. Stay classy Philadelphia.

  36. @Rodney King
    it wasn’t just philly fans who were watching asshole it was new york fans too..nice try.

  37. You sound like fuckin dorks “no excuse for this whatsoever, omg” grow the fuck up. I’m glad that boul rocked the ranger dude in the end then the dude in a Staal jersey backed the fuck up like a bitch. Fuck all who talk shit on philly tell em to come here and talk that shit come around rmd theyll get hit real quick.

  38. @flyers fans aren’t all the same
    You’re right. I’m sure it wasn’t a majority of Philadelphians there. Truth hurts, your city sucks

  39. Joey Vento has to be turning in his grave.
    Wonder if they ever got to enjoy their cheessteaks?

  40. U just have to walk away from
    Incidents like this or next thing u know you are running mother fuckers over. Just get a meal & call it a night

  41. Here’s one from Boston. We aren’t the only city where this happens.
    @Rodney King, I guess this video means Boston sucks too

  42. Ain’t none of these mo-fos come to my projects and try this crap…. somebody fart?

  43. TALK SHIT GET HIT — THATS THE MOTTO WE LIVE BY! You don’t’ want to get beat the f*** up? Don’t go to South Philly the night after a Winter Classic loss wearing the opposing teams jerseys! (especially NYR) I can imagine those Rangers scumbags said something to provoke what they had coming anyway. They should have just kept their god danm mouths shut. That wouldn’t have happened in a Pats line anyway, classless Geno’sers! 😀

  44. No, that’s the motto that degenerates live by. Curb the ‘roid rage and your immature view of the world. Grow up.

  45. I love the people that say “those rangers fans were probably talking shit”. You know how many times someone wearing an opposing teams jersey is just minding their own business and some drunk loser Philly fan starts shit with them for no reason? That is most likely what happened. I’m glad YouTube removed the video, at least they had more sense then this site.

  46. The two men in the Flyers (Jagr and Giroux) jerseys were drinking across the street at South Philly Bar and Grill all day during the game.

  47. Who gives a fuck if they were in “somebody else’s neighborhood”….what the fuck do you think this is. These people are not gangsters, they’re sports fans. I live in CA now and wear my Philly sports gear to ALL sporting events and just about everywhere I go every day.
    Other than friendly bantering back and forth I have never felt unsafe wearing my FLYERS/PHILIES/EAGLES gear no matter where I have gone. Granted I don’t know what was said or done prior to the actual filming of the fight to instigate it but at the same time it was probably bullshit and nothing either party could have walked away from. The sucker punch at the end was a bitch move.
    They’re a bunch of loser pussies plain and simple.

  48. How’s Harlem, Brooklyn and Staten Island doing?
    How’s north Jersey doing with the influx of New Yorkers? They hate you. “Jersey Shore” yo.
    It’s funny that none of the other Rangers fans got swung on in that video.
    Another thing is Utube pulls a video because it’s “disgusting” yet there are 40,000 bum fights videos, and kids fist fighting. It’s only “disgusting” when the guy that pulls it is from New York. 😉

  49. Assholes.
    And those who are bashing Kyle for posting this? You’re plain wrong, hiding the truth is lying basically.

  50. Two questions:
    What are they fighting about?
    Why shouldn’t Kyle post this?
    Bonus question:
    Why didn’t Staal take anyone out? (Pussy)

  51. We are currently investigating this incident. Anyone with information regarding this incident occurring at the intersection of S. 9th St. and E. Passyunk Ave. on or about 2 January 2012, contact PPD at 215-686-8477

  52. PPD Looks like you should maybe ask the folks at the S Philly Bar and Grill for some info and hopefully they have some surveillance footage from during the game that will help.

  53. Absolutely pathetic. You know, here in NY we like to point out that Philly’s most famous sports moment is courtesy of a fictional movie character. Looks like this may ring in as a close second.
    Enjoy life in Suckville.

  54. Someone needs to step up and give names to the police. People reading this know the jerks that assulted the Rangers fans. Do the right thing!

  55. @Schwarty – the shootout win to end the rangers season and eliminate them from playoff contention two years ago was pretty sweet. or overtaking the mets while they collapsed in 2007. and 2008. both were pretty good philly moments. go fuck yourself. new york is full of self righteous sports fans that know nothing and immediately revert back to ancient yankee glory when called out.
    this video is horrendous. however, the point that neds to be taken is stuff liek this happens EVERYWHERE IN EVERY CITY ALL THE TIME. for some reason, there are some morons that think it’s cool so they film it and post it online. hopefully these cowards are brough to justice. that last punch could have caused serious damage.

  56. @ The Gov – your post made me smile, seriously. This is the way trash talking should be done. Mad respect.

  57. On the way into the Winter Classic Flyer fans were all in our faces, literally screaming “booooo” and one guy even putting his hand over my face while I was walking. On the way out I saw a 20 year old drunk Flyer fan jump a 60 year old Rangers fan. Do not know what happened before the fight. Walking through the parking lot some Flyer fan called me a slut bc I was wearing a Rangers jersey. I’m 48 years old at the game with my two kids. A slut, really? I was at the Garden on the 23rd when the Rangers won…. not one fight and no verbal exchanges (that I saw). It’s a shame Philly has fans who make the whole fan base look bad. We need to remember win or lose, this really doesn’t effect us personally. The teams go on to play more games and we still have to get up and go to work the next day. Yeah it’s nice to win, but at the end of the day, does it really effect our lives?

  58. bunch of baby back pussy flyers fans doing what they can to feel irrelevant. typical pennsylvania, never can fight a one on one battle. they’re all fucking irrelevant in every sport, and every street of that shitty town you all live in. those hill billy boys will get whats comin’ to them. rangers win winter classic, beat you bitches any time we play your shitty city… wiz wit all over ya face phillly… you still and always will be behind the greatest city in the world. thank you.

  59. Philly fans tend to fight when their sports teams lose, mostly because Philly is the asshole of America, and well the city has nothing going for it except it’s sports teams. When the scum that calls Philly home can’t celebrate another mediocre eagles season or the flyers being unable to win a game due to the lack of a goaltender, they fight. Classless classless classless classless

  60. Just wait till Puck Daddy gets a hold of this…
    Also, it doesn’t justify a fight, but maybe the Raggers who got pummled started it (what goes on before the video?) The one in the Staal jersey, although he did a shyte job of trying to stop the violence, didn’t appear to have anyone hit him. So maybe the others who did get slammed drew “first blood”.
    I wisht that El Presidente from the barstool provided some more insite in his description. Looks like he just wants to dig at Philly fans. Pitiful.

  61. “you still and always will be behind the greatest city in the world. thank you. ”
    yeah cause you love it when we come in the back door

  62. I think you are lying NJGODDESS!
    @King of Queens. Best city in the the world and they still can’t teach you to spell.

  63. Funny how NY fans intently read philly sports blogs. They’ll jump at any chance to try and look down on others, and act like their shit don’t stink. Why don’t you search youtube for Giants fans fighting, or any other NY team for that matter. You’re all a bunch of fraudulent fans anyway…You’re more of a philly hater than you are a NY fan. Now put that cock back in your mouth and shut up.

  64. Gay bashers? That hurts ever more considering it sounds like it came from a 9 yr old. NYC: Greatest Overrated City in The World. And once again, put the cock back in your mouth and shut up until one of your teams starts to win again and you start to care again.

  65. last time i checked i didnt spell anything wrong, faggot lol. city of brotherly love…only you guys would make a fag comment like that. philly will never be a top city in this country…sorry girls

  66. so go take your fictional character rocky and jerk the statues cock cause thats all your city is known for….a fictional character.

  67. He had to say the Rocky thing again so he could be sure we all saw it. Btw…The Rocky story was based on a real guy dumbass. And I think we are known more for the Broad Street Bullies thing, hence the video of your fellow new yorkers being pummeled which brought you here to try and save face and prove you’re not all pussies….too late

  68. oh because a 3 on 1 is showing the new yorker as a pussy. where i come from, thats a man vs. 3 pussies. . . good try kid

  69. Yea, you’re right…It was 3 on 1 because the other 2 pussies were standing there watching.

  70. ever think that the other rangers fans werent with those ones? probably not because you idiots only think one way….retard way….so 3 on 1 to start still makes your 3 philly bitches more of a pansy ass? you’re fkin retarded and have nothing else to say cause you know you’re wrong just trying to grab more shit out of your wide ass that gets fucked every night. go see where you gotta go kid. you and your city are fucking irrelevant.

  71. Flyers fans stand up for other Flyers fans, so i don’t expect you to understand.
    We are so irrelevant aren’t we? So irrelevant that you came to a philly sportsblog, to argue with philly sports fans, and somehow think you were gonna stick it to them. When in REALITY (that’s that thing we use to refer to what happens in real life outside your little bubble) you were so offended and scared by this video that you had to let out your tears via internet. Go grab some tissues and think up some more gay references.

  72. actually this was posted on the news but your dumb ass probably searched winter classic over and over and over just to see what went wrong in your loss and then this came up. the only “boom” that goes on is you beating your meat to this video cause thats the only action you get…is videos. you standing up for this goes to show you and YOUR fans thanks to your comment how retarded you all are by thinking this is normal and ‘ok’ …now i have better things to do than to sit here online and argue with little 18 yr old boys about how terrible their city and teams are. have a good one, pippy long stockings…if use are lucky, we’ll see your stupid team in the playoffs

  73. ANYBODY who goes to Pat’s/Geno’s and expects to leave with a sandwich fit for human consumption deserves a beatdown.

  74. ALL OF YOU GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!! people fight, so what? Philly is constantly taking the heat, so what? I’m pretty sure every Philly fan has stupid stuff thrown in their faces from every other cities fans like we haven’t heard it all before. SHUT UP! Two people don’t reflect an entire city. And neither do incidents from 30 years ago (booing Santa) Can we all graduate the fourth grade now please? Thank you.

  75. That is the problem…most people in philly only graduate the 4th grade. DUUUUUH….Boom….DUUUUUH

  76. This video is great. All you NY people need to stay up there with fucking jersey shore attitudes.

  77. Was that Ed Snyder in Giroux jersey? Ranger fans must not of bought any Broad Street bullis DVD’S.

  78. I’m telling you. The Rangers fans probably started it. All NY fans are morons that talk too much shit. Look at what they did to Cliff Lee’s wife.

  79. okay..in the defense of the philly ppl out there and in here…im from NY and i will be the first to tell you that NY Ranger (and yankees) fans are some of the most arrogant, pompous, shit talking fans in the league.. while i dont advocate violence..im sure he deserved that beat down..

  80. typically PHILLY SCUM … good post kyle this makes philthy fans look very good while u always try to defend them but this is pathetic.
    funny thing is the flyers fans outnumber the 5’4 ranger fan and it takes 3 of them to hit him while hes down and no one stops it. fcuk philly …and um YEAH LETS GOO RANGERS
    3-0 against u losers this year

  81. Why is Kyle the bad guy for posting this? 6abc.com (the #1 news channel in Philly for the last century or whatever it is now) had it on their site all day too (and probably still do). If you don’t like it don’t come to his site, that simple. Or just get a life where there are more prominent issues than him posting a video. Sheesh.

  82. Police should consider having an officer at both Ginos and pats at nights for the wave of drunks that go there after the bar. I have witnessed an argument almost everytime i have stopped there after the bar myself. I acually don’t even go there anymore cause of it. Way to much tension with all the beer muscles waiting in line. Is going to jail or risking your own health worth it cause someone is not a flyers fan. People with that mentality will go nowhere in life.

  83. Went to miami for the eagles game this year with the green legion and it is so nice to be able to visit another city and root for my team without getting into a fight. Its ashame people can’t do that here. People in the stands at our games would rather scream at someone the whole game than watch the game they are paying to see. We are all sports fans cheering for our team and we all have work in the morning.

  84. AND THERE IT IS. Turn it all the way up. Beginning, “GET OUT OF HERE YOU SCUMBAGS” I wonder what he said before that? Classy, New York.

  85. I love it! Passion! When are these Dumb Asses going to learn to stay away from Philly neighborhoods thinking nothing is going to happen if i wear my Ranger or other sport city jerseys. Idiots! Maybe it was the North Jersey Shore/NY Trash. Ranger fans are just mad they got their asses kicked, i love it! Passion!

  86. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…Big Mouth NY fans Get whats coming to them. I lov eit!!!

  87. How many Flyers fans went to Time Square and called people trash, scumbags, Phillthy, classless after a game? We would except to beat up. But New York is special, don’t you know? Didn’t Jay Z fill you in? welcome to reality.

  88. Fuck New York…bottom line, shit like this happens, in Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, all the sports towns that care about their teams. Be smart and don’t run your fucking mouth and you won’t get swung on. And don’t tell me they didn’t say anything & these guys beat them up for no reasons. Rangers pussies.

  89. I don’t care what was said before the fight. There is freedom of speech last I checked. Yeah the Rangers fan probably was excited after the win and was trash talking. Rangers are finally having a good year and we have something to celebrate. Had the Cryers won, they would have been running their mouths like they were before the game. So trash talk back and forth, we do not need to be animals and resort to violence. It’s just a game …. played for the entertainment of the fans. Everyone should have pride in their city, be it NY, Philly or Boston.

  90. If a Philly fan, of any sports, went to any Ray’s Pizza or some other NY Eatery after a game and talked any kind of shit, the same thing would happen. The thing is, only New York asshole fans will go to a place like Geno’s, in NY colors and think it’s ok to act an ass.
    I’m not advocating violence, at all, but what do you really expect? NYers got their asses handed to them. Get over it.

  91. How is getting called a scumbag, dirty, and all of the other insults….trash talk?
    You open your mouth, you get what you ask for.
    I don’t know the whole story, but if he was a cop he should especially know this. It’s not like this is a new thing.
    What was a cop doing calling someone a scumbag for? Was he drinking? Why did he push him first, not defuse it?
    If we are such a “zoo” like people from New York say, why stick your fingers in the lions cage and taunt him? Then blame the lion for biting you? Because maybe you had more to do with it then the video is showing?
    Anyhow I’m glad he is doing better.

  92. One of the guys beat was a decorated US Marine veteran of the Iraq War. Nice job Philly. So while he was out there risking his life to save your sorry asses, this is his thanks. I’m sure there was lots of trash talk on both sides, that’s what fans do. But to put this guy in the hospital over a game?

  93. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Rangers-Flyers-Fight-Winter-Classic-Woodbridge-NJ-Police-Officer-Iraq-War-Veteran-136706328.html
    here is some more info for those of you interested in what happened. The point of this is not that it happened in philly, cuz it happens everywhere. The point is to make an example of these bullys so maybe next time-whether it be in philly, San Fran, New York etc-people make the right choices. So, please, if you have any info on these bullies, do the right thing.

  94. Lol Gov that was good, but wasn’t it the yankees who beat your phillies for the world series. Oh yeah giants 2007 eagles when? good year for the dream team. Aren’t the giants going to the playoffs not the eagles. You got one championship in 15 years are you really sure you wanna talk about winning and losing? I guess I just became the president. And to answer the other guy if you watch the video it’s simple to see who started it who threw the first punch?

  95. They should be careful fighting in the street there. You never know if a Flyer goalie driving by loses control of his Porche. There is no bigger shithole in America than Philly. You will always be our little bitch.

  96. turns out the dude who got beat up was from New Jersey…typical new york fan. Not even from the city. Just like those New Jersey Giants and Jets in East Rutherford. Learn hows its suppose to be, like in Philly where all 4 teams play in a 4 block radius. BOOM. New Dork Faggots

  97. wat u expect to happen when your wearing a rangers jersey outside of genos….new york fans got what they deserve should have stayed at home

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