Phillies Replace Field Following Winter Classic

The Winter Classic took its toll on the field at Citizens Bank Park. As such, the Phillies have used the event as an excuse* to replace the sod entirely, swithing from Kentucky Bluegrass to Riviera Bermudagrass, which, according to head groundskeeper Mike Boekholder will hold up better in both the cold and hot extremes of Philadelphia.

From a grass-nerd website:

The transition zone offers a unique weather pattern with periods of extreme cold, extreme heat, and drought.  Bermudagrasses produced in the Southwestern United States typically suffer from severe winter injury and cool-season grasses produced in the Northwestern United States struggle with the summer’s heat, drought, and disease pressure.  Riviera was developed for the turf manager who wants to manage grass and not constantly replant his grass.


Carry on.

*As a few in the comments note, it seems the NHL was on the hook to pay for the sod replacement.


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  1. Pretty sure part of the deal with the Winter Classic was the Flyers/NHL had to pay to replace the field.

  2. Yes, Jason. I was down on practice day and talked to some people and asked about the field. I was told that the cost was in the millions (quite a bit actually) but the NHL did pay for replacement of the field as part of the WC deal.

  3. I’m no expert on the grass that you grow (but I used to be fond of the kind ya smoke, mmmm-hmmmm), but if theys were smart they’d also use this as an opportunity to put some sort of symbol in the outfield, like the arch in Busch Stadium. Maybe this just comes down to trimming it, but if the kind of grass and how you grow it counts, this is the perfect time.

    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  4. Had they made this change years ago, Pat Burrell would have one at least 7 gold gloves. Pathetic groundscrew we had. Dom Brown will now be elevated to Jim Edmonds like status in the field.

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