Photo: Cliff Lee, Ice Skating

Cliff_lee_ice_skatingvia (@numerobruno1)

While Doc is out saving naked men from anaconda’s this winter, Cliff Lee is taking his family ice skating.

We kind of assumed Lee was home in Arkansas for the offseason, but he was in Philly on New Year's Eve, with his family at the River Rink. Needless to say, if anyone has pictures of Lee actually on skates, please send them our way.

Perhaps someone should tell him about that other outdoor rink he can go to this week.

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17 Responses

  1. Very cool for the Lee family to visit in the offseason. I love Philly but if I had Cliffs bankroll I wouldnt be within 1000 miles of Philly in January.

  2. I still say Cliff started getting squeezed in Game 2 immediately after Larussa started verbally abusing the umpire.

  3. Ahhhh Dicky Dick, now I am fired up again! St. Louis cards are and were a friggin joke! He did get squeezed and totally changed the outcome of the entire playoffs because of it.

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