Photo: Shane Victorino and Claude Giroux


Two more photos from the Phillies, who look like they may have made a New Year’s resolution to use social media effectively, after the jump.

via the Phillies' Twitter



5 Responses

  1. Fuckin pissed the Flyers blew a 2 goal lead. Even more pissed that scumbag 4th line loser Mike Rupp had 2 goals. Just wanted to get that off my chest.
    The Flyers jerseys looked awesome yesterday. I would love them to become the new home jersey.
    Oh and Bob blew his chance to be more than a backup. That second goal remonded of Michael Leighton – Game 6. Ouch.

  2. scumbag 4th line loser mike rupp? I dislike the rangers but your just a sore loser, they capitilized on opportunities we didnt. Rupp capitilized on meszaros screen and bob pulling a leighton

  3. Come on… I’m not a sore loser. The Rangers were better in the 3rd, I admit that. But Rupp sucks. He had 1 goal before yesterday. Gimmie a break, that he “capitalized”. He’s garbage and got lucky.

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