UPDATE: New Phillies Ballgirls

Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 2.17.38 PM
Photo: Miles Kennedy via Phillies.com

Hot or not? Here are nine photos of the new Phillies Ballgirls.

Hold up, World, we have another new Phillies ball girl not featured on the website, Rachael, and she may be the winner. She's on the right…


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  1. 1) Alicia – woof. Not at all
    2) Leigh ann – I would, but not that great
    3) Amy – Would
    4) Michelle – would NOT. woof
    5) Ashley – Would. nice innocent look to her. cute girl.
    6) Emily – would. biochemist? she’s decent looking, but smart girls are hot.

  2. I face plow the one slob on the front but the rest look like geeky foreign exchange students.

  3. Rachael blows the competition away! The picture doesn’t do her justice. Just wait ’til y’all see her @ CBP this season. Also, she could replace oswalt in the rotation Kyle, can you please fix the spelling of her name?

  4. I don’t how many people have been to a spring training game at Bright House Field, but they have the right idea regarding their ball girls. They use waitresses from the local Hooters restaurant.
    I honestly don’t give a fuck about if these girls played varsity sports in high school or if they completed a two year college degree. They just need to have nice tits and a face that doesn’t look busted from all the way up in section 432. Certainly not a difficult task but one that they seem to have bungled this season.

  5. They are all gorgeous. Y’all are so critical. Amy, Michelle and Ashley are very pretty. If you have nothing nice to say about them, then don’t say anything

  6. I don’t disscriminate. They’re all sweetees. I think they’re frumpied-up a bit because they want to be known as being good foul-ball shaggers and not nessissarrily just plain good shaggers hahahahahah.
    I like Marcia from Downingtown the best because of her hair (I’d like to be Downinhertown if you know what I mean hahahah). You know I have a soft spot for reds of all types. I hope she’s really reddish-auburn and it’s not just a trick of the light.
    And I feel sorry for the first girl with the hairspray cause they fucked-up and didn’t iddentify her.

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