Rangers Win Winter Classic 3-2, John Tortorella Posits Conspiracy Theory

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Unbelievable event. Tough loss, typical Flyers goaltender second-guessing, but still an unbelievable event. I managed to score a last-minute ticket (literally… 2 p.m.) and am still working on regaining feeling in my fingers, so we’ll have more later and tomorrow. For now, though, here’s John Tortorella raising his conspiracy theory about calls in the third period: [portions of quote via Puck Daddy]

"Well, I'm not sure if NBC got together with the refs to determine if it was an overtime game. It started with when Gabby gets pitch-forked in the stomach, and then everything starts going against us. They're two good referees. I thought the game was refereed horribly. So I'm not sure what happened there. Maybe they wanted to get it to an overtime. I'm not sure if they have meetings about that or what. But we stood in there. We stood in there. And again, I don’t want… because they're good guys. But in that third period, it was disgusting."


He’s right. Kimmo Timonen nearly mugged Ryan Callahan, and somehow both guys got a penalty. But Danny Briere's penalty shot was deserved… even if it did take 30 seconds for the officials to compute the time and place, and decide that "TV would like this"…

… I'm joking! Mostly.

Rangers GM Glen Sather had his panties in a bunch, too. He told reporters the following:

"You see three or four calls that are enough to blow your mind."


Oh shut up.

Video of Briere’s penalty shot and Tortorella's press conference is after the jump. Conspiracy theory starts at 8:50 mark.



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  1. How about the refs blowing the play dead when Briere clearly had possession of the puck & the Rangers’ goalie was way out of position? That easily makes it a 3-3 game.
    Bob has to make that save, though. Bad goal.
    Hope Jagr isn’t seriously hurt.
    P.S. Go trade for Shea Weber ASAP!

  2. He’s not right. Callahan clearly grabbed his stick. Simmonds was boarded right in front of the ref. Briere was check at center ice nowhere near the ice. “Everything was against us” my ass.

  3. Wow, Torts sounds like a typical Flyers fan with those comments. They got up 2-0 and seemed to think the game was over. Disappointing.

  4. It’s pretty obvious they’re missing Pronger. Need someone with his strong personality to pull this team together, get them on the right track when needed. Wonder if he was playing, if they could have gotten the momentum back and won the game.

  5. Callahan grabbed Kimmo’s stick and flopped. Making calls like that is exactly WHY those refs are the best in the NHL. Not many have the balls to call that on Callahan. That should come back to get that pussy whiner Tortorella on the ice next time he gets those refs. I imagine refs dont tolerate bitching from winning teams. That said one bad goal from Bob and Lundqvist’s performance was clearly the difference. Thanks for sucking Bryz!

  6. yea callahan clearly grabbed kimmo’s stick and brought up to his face. it was a good call both ways

  7. Instead of weber lets trade for luke schenn or ryan suter. both would be just as effective as weber. Yes webers the best defender in the league but still hes got concussion issues now. and suters just as good. i threw schenn in there just because hes sick (not as good as weber/suter)and having brothers on the team would be sweet. Unload Jvr and a pick or one of the rookies and a pick

  8. Not to mention the rags were offsides on Krupp’s first goal.
    As much as Bob should have had the second goal, he saved the Flyers asses on numerous occasions. If Bryz is in there, its 5at or 6 goals for the Rags.

  9. *that should say rupp. Stupid autocorrect.
    And why the hell should the Flyers trade one of JVR Schenn, Couturier or Read? The point of trading Richie and Carts was to get younger, not mortgage the future.

  10. Despite the loss, I had an awesome time, except for being in a section full of ranger fans and in highest row in the stadium (little breezy).
    Came out flat to start the third and that killed them; until then, flyers completely dominated. Sad to see it flip so quickly.

  11. Torts is an asshole….like flat out. I assume some of these people asking questions are national media, but if not what a jerkoff

  12. Weber’s injury (assuming it isn’t season-ending) could make it easier to trade for him when he comes back.
    I’m assuming that he’ll be back at 100% (just like half our roster this season seems to have had concussions and returned just fine).
    I knew he has a concussion.
    I know we lost and that sucks, but there’s need to be so cranky about it.

  13. @Blonders Giroux wasn’t on the ice when the penalty shot was awarded therfore someone on the ice has to take it

  14. Something has to happen to get briere’s line going, either a young guy steppin up or grabbing a vet playmaker through a trade. Right now the flyers are a one line team. Since pronger’s injury the D has stepped up and played quite well. The flyers are what we thought they would be YOUNG.

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