Joe Paterno Has Died

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UPDATE 2: Joe Paterno's family announced this morning that he has died at the age of 85.

UPDATE: Despite multiple reports to the contrary, family spokesman Dan McGinn says Joe Paterno had not died.

Scott Paterno, Joe's son, tweeted the following: "CBS report is wrong – Dad is alive but in serious condition. We continue to ask for your prayers and privacy during this time."

Well, this may be the end of one of the saddest falls from grace in sports history.

This is what Dan McGinn – the recently hired PR man for Joe Paterno – told the AP this evening:

"Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications. His doctors have now characterized his status as serious.

His family will have no comment on the situation and asks that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.”


Earlier this evening,, a student run website at Penn State, reported that Paterno was taken off a respirator. 

Michael Sisak of the Citizen’s Voice in Wilkes-Barre reported that Paterno’s family was called to his bedside earlier today. 

Sara Ganim of the Patriot News reports that police have blocked off Paterno's street.

Whatever your thoughts on Paterno and his actions, or lack thereof, in the Jerry Sandusky case, it’s hard to deny that the demise (both figurative and literal, it seems) of Joe Paterno has been difficult to watch, and sad.

We’ll have any updates here.


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  1. He made mistakes, but he helped hundreds more than he hurt. Which is more than the rest of us can say.

  2. Are you F’ing kidding me?!?! ONE HURT IS ONE TOO MANY – God you people just don’t get it. I’m sorry the man is dying but death is part of life… sodomy isn’t.

  3. Pam you’re the reason why girls shouldn’t talk sports. Who let you out of the kitchen??? Bitch

  4. He didnt sodomize anyone, read the facts not what is in the media. He deserved better than what he has been given.

  5. Two weeks after the school unjustly fired this man, he donated $100k to the univeristy. That’s a class act. Maybe the university can learn something…

  6. @Pam Paterno didn’t sodomize anyone. I still don’t understand this public crucifixion of Paterno. The more information that comes out on this whole mess makes it seem like a BOT cover-up, while Paterno was really left in the dark. The guy went and reported what he knew to his superiors and was told there was an active investigation (including a POLICE investigation) in process. Why would Paterno not trust that these people were doing everything in their power to get to the bottom of this (even though they obviously weren’t). People talk about Paterno like he was the one committing these monstrous acts. It’s interesting that the media focus and finger pointing is directed at Paterno, while that scum Sandusky barely is mentioned. Absolutely pathetic.

  7. fuck penn state and those assholes who go there. all the students and alumni are a bunch of annoying arrogant cock gobbling grundle sniffers who think their shit smells like roses.
    that being said sucks hes dying.

  8. Pam is an idiot. I am a woman and I find idiots like Pam to be an embarrassing representative of women following sports. She is obviously ignorant to the facts of what has happened to this man over the past few months. Regardless of what happened while he was the coach, he was still a good man. It wasn’t his fault that those boys were raped by Sandusky. He may not have taken enough action to report it to the right people but I highly doubt that if he fully understood what was going on, he would have let it continued. If he understood, he would have put a stop to it. That’s just my opinion. I pray for him as well as his family and te victims that were harmed by Sandusky. Paterno deserved more than what the school gave to him and hopefully his reputation can recover somewhat after everything comes to the light with the case.

  9. And to the idiot that posted above me, if you don’t like PSU, then don’t post on a PSU tread. I hope that someone doesn’t say that about you when it comes time for you to meet your maker

  10. The first person to be informed of Sandusky’s action was JoePa and regardless of what was done by the school to cover it up he still did nothing when he continued to see him on campus up until a couple days before the indictment. He doesn’t deserve death like Sandusky does but the man still knew what the hell was going and and karma can be a real bitch!

  11. Despite everything that’s happened, this is truly a sad way for Joe Paterno’s story to end. I can’t help but wonder if Joe lost the will to live after he’d been fired since coaching was his entire life. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that was the case.

  12. So the real question now is how long until Kyle makes fun of Scott?
    RIP JoePa, you were a great great man. Upsetting the way the end unraveled.

  13. yeah, let’s all make fun of the guy who just lost his father and had to deal with a media shitstorm for the past three months!

  14. I hope all of you can sit on your death bed and have as many peoples lives touched by your life as Joe Paterno had in his. RIP Joe. We are Penn State now… and forever.

  15. A family spokesperson says in an email to @6abc that it’s “Absolutely false” that Joe Paterno has passed away.

  16. You guys still idolize Paterno when he should’ve done more during this whole fiasco. The rest of the country is baffled by the Penn St. fans that still have the blinders on.

  17. Its not blinders sir/or mam/ or it because you sound like a confused person. He built our school a library. He built our football program in the most honorable academic first way in the country. Gave countless millions to charity and scholarships. And molded more boys into men than anyone can count. He was more than one mistake. If you choose to look at him in one circumstance and condem him beyond repair then you sir have blinders on.

  18. You know, whether Pam was an ass with her comment or not, the sexist comments just make you jack asses look worse. While half of you “boys” were getting drunk at eagles games and going to frat parties, I was taking gunfire in Iraq. You wanna tell me to get in the kitchen?

  19. All you JoePa supporters are pretty stupid. Any good he did was negated by the fact that he let children have their lives ruined in his locker room. So dumb. Football over child abuse? You need to seriously evaluate your value system.

  20. Stella, you do know that most Marines, if you even are one because you didn’t specify, aren’t conceited enough to go onto a sports blog and rant about something to do with being a woman and being in Iraq, like awesome, we respect you for defending our country and thank you for your service but that doesn’t make your point valid, so just shut up


  22. Stella you do know that I was the one that brought you home from Iraq right? I missed your cooking…

  23. I don’t think he’ll pass away tonight (or tomorrow for that matter) as he would not want to interfere with anyone’s weekend.

  24. Mcquearys story has changed three times, Joepa went to the people who he thought were best qualified to handle an investigation. we dont know if he was told the boy was getting banged or the words “horsing around” was all he was told. Joes the man.

  25. Hey Kyle next time you change the title of an article such as this from “Joe Paterno Near Death” to “Joe Paterno has died”, get some credible verification of the situation first. Just another typical Crossing Broad move, trying to be the first to report the death of an icon (regardless of how anyone feels about the recent scandal, he is indeed still an icon. No one cares if your the first to report it. Be a professional next time and actually have verification.
    Oh and….Knibb High Football rules!

  26. @Billy Madison, knock it off, your stupid is showing. at the time cbs had reported it you dumbass.
    anyway, RIP to a truly great legend.
    ” ’cause I think that people die sometimes when they don’t wanna live no more. And nature is smarter than people think. Little by little we lose our friends, we lose everything. We keep losin’ and losin’ till we say you know, ‘Oh what the hell am I livin’ around here for? I got not reason to go on.’ ”

  27. He died with a broken heart. Right now he’s yelling in heaven get to the ball, get to the ball.
    Iron Nalls McGinty out

  28. Poor Scott Paterno. He must be really upset right now.
    I just read that JoePa had 17 grandchildren. I guarantee none are Scott Paterno’s kids because there no way he ever has gotten laid.

  29. Actually rhe Hammer… I fucked Scott once. That’s why Kyle likes to make fun of him in almost every post about PSU.

  30. How did he withhold information? He took it to his superiors. Seems to me like they’re the ones who withheld information. So go fuck yourself.

  31. Oh really genious? Who was Joe Paterno’s superiors exactly? It’s Joe Paterno. Your a fucking idiot.
    If I could only roast some marshmallows off that corpse. Burn in hell “Joe Pa”.

  32. the people that pay joe’s checks are his superiors. i.e. the athletic coordinator and president of the school. Your stupidity amazes me.

  33. No need to worry PSU fans, Joe Pa will be laid to rest appropriately. We all know the higher ups at PSU are great at burying things.

  34. the fact that anyone is showing him disrespect right now is disgusting. most of you still do not know the information that was in that grand jury report by your seriously ignorant comments but that is besides the point. you may not agree with how he handled the situation (reporting it to the athletic coordinator AND the head of university police) but it does not erase all the good he has done. he was a good man and he deserves respect. can you all just save your disrespectful commentary until his death is not so fresh in everyone’s minds? it sickens me how people can be so terrible. a man died who was beloved by many people. his family doesn’t deserve your rude comments.

  35. Hey Ryan Howard’s Left Crutch,
    You are a stupid piece of shit. Joe Paterno probably did more in a single say than you will do in your pathetic life. Show some fucking respect and grow up.

  36. RIP. Just like Martin Luther King, he’ll be thought of as a saint even though obvious and recorded public knowledge proves him to be an asshole. Go go media superpowers.
    Ps – at least Joe Paterno was his real name, unlike the “Dr.” MLK

  37. Joe Pa apologists are running rampant around here I see. Y’all are fucking scum. The direct result of him not taking the action he should have was more little boys getting butt fucked by the scumbag Sandusky. The guy was raping boys in the Penn state showers and Joe Pa knew about it. Dirt bag men have been raping little boys since the beginning of time, It happened in Rome, It’s documented in the Bible and even get’s it’s name “Sodomy” from there. Joe Pa was full of shit when he said he never heard of rape between a man and a boy. He also had part in covering up players raping women/girls on campus, and players busted for drugs. I’m glad everything came out about this obvious cover up before he died, just so everyone knows exactly who they mourn. I love the apologists comebacks above, “you know nothing about sports, you’re a woman. You have no respect.” All a joke. That’s all you have? Shut up.

  38. “Joe Pa was full of shit when he said he never heard of rape between a man and a boy.”
    He was educated by Jesuits, surely he learned about man/boy love from one of them, particularly the one who kept him after school for, um…Latin lessons.
    *wink wink*
    Jonny, JoePa also turned a deaf ear to the PSU Black Students Union when they tried to inform him of a Black football player receiving death threats. The young man was later found dead.
    p.s. Anyone who comes on here to post that women need to get back in the kitchen are pussies who never got within groping distance of a female.

  39. Hey that girl… fuck you. Nobody cares what you think because you’re a woman. NOW GO MAKE ME A PIE!!!!!!

  40. Ave Atque Vale, Joe Paterno.
    PS: Some boy-buggering impostering posters have no respect for the recently departed. You all know who you are. Sad. You’ll never be as good as a man as Joe Pa was (nor as quick-witted as meself is for that matter).

    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

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