UPDATE: Phillies Sign Hamels to One-Year Deal


Cole Hamels will seemingly avoid arbitration. CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reports that the Phillies have signed Hamels to a one-year, $15 million deal. CSN Phillies beat reporter Jim Salisbury confirms. Todd Zolecki and Salisbury report the Phillies have also reached a deal with goat Wilson Valdez– one-year, $930,000.

Last year, Hamels made $9.5 million. He was arbitration eligible for 2012, but, as is often the case with the Phillies, the team avoided the awkward black-and-white dick-measuring event and reached a deal with Hamels before today's 1 p.m. arbitration offers were due.

This means Hamels will still be a free agent at the end of the season if a long-term agreement is not reached before then.

Here are Hamels' incentives:


Papa CB's reaction when I told him the news: They're going to regret it if they don't sign him to a long-term deal by June. He's going to the Hall of Fame

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25 Responses

  1. So I am slightly confused. What does this mean for Cole? We have him until the 2014 season now?

  2. Frannie: What this means is that Cole now has a contract for this season (2012) with the Phillies. After this season, though, he will become a free agent unless he and the team can agree to a new contract.

  3. @Frannie – Hamels is with the team through the end of the season and that’s it. He was going to go to arbitration where he and the team would argue about his worth and the arbitration panel would select either Hamels’ or the team’s salary submission for this year. However, the two sides agreed to a one-year deal to bypass the litigation.
    After this season, though, he’s a free agent unless the team signs him to a long-term contract at some point before then. Which they damn-well better do.

  4. First, I just want him locked up long term. Second, that $15 million/yr number must be pretty close to what he is asking for. Why would he compromise his position when he almost definitely would have been awarded what he was asking for? Kinda low if you ask me, and that number isn’t going down in the future. He’s as good as the $20 million/yr pitchers in MLB.

  5. They better sign that lanky cracker-ass-cracker to five years $110 million before the all-star break. Like others have said, his best years are likely still in front of him.

  6. Anyone else getting the feeling that this is just a smoke screen and he’s going to be trade bait mid-season? Don’t be surprised if he gets Cliff Lee’d in July when Rube figures out they won’t be able to afford him in December.

  7. Thanks PhillyGirl and Dan. I have no idea why I thought he was ours until the end of 2012 season [like he is now].

  8. everyone relax. they are taking the same approach they did with Howard. They avoided arbitration and the will have a long term deal in place by the All Star break. The Phils basically just bought themselves more time by not going to arbitration and totally pissing Cole off.

  9. I’m only half kidding (really, probably only 25% kidding) when I say I want them to sign him to a 10 year, $200-225M deal. He is the single most important player to this organization for the next decade… they should show him that and commit to him.

  10. I agree with the overall tone of the comments, that they need to resign him long term, and also agree that i would rather trade cliff then cole! cliff is on the back nine, cole is just coming into his dominant years, when he has a majority of his ability mixed with the knowledge to pitch… LOCK HIM UP!

  11. More important than the Cole signing: Wilson Valdez’s price per pitch just went up $37,000.
    You can say what you like about today’s teams relying on too many pitchers to get through a game, but every roster needs a good 19th inning arm.

  12. Let me get that coupon to American Male. 40 bucks for a haircut is a lot even for a metrosexual guy like me on a 15 million dollar salary.

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