Report: Steve Spagnuolo Could Be With Eagles By End Of Week

What a Juanderful world this would be.

According to Jason La Canfora, Steve Spagnuolo will be back with the Eagles by the end of the week, either as defensive coordinator or assistant head coach.

From La Canfora: [NFL Network

Spagnuolo, let go by the St. Louis Rams last week, is expected to be back in Philadelphia by the end of the week. The Eagles released a secondary coach over the weekend, so they have flexibility to move around the staff and bring Spagnuolo back as an assistant head coach, if not defensive coordinator. If Andy Reid wants to retain embattled defensive coordinator Juan Castillo in some other capacity, that's a possibility as well, according to league sources. Spagnuolo is a disciple of former Eagles defensive guru Jim Johnson, and was much-liked during his eight-year stint on Andy Reid's staff. Spagnuolo wanted to take time off last week, according to a league source, but expect his phone to start ringing quickly. 


Prediction: Spags comes on board as defensive coordinator, Reid moves Castillo – “laterally,” he’ll say – to some other position that values people who come into work at 3 a.m…. and it's all for naught because the league has figured out the franchise quarterback, who will get injured in Week 5. But hey, I'm a glass-half-empty kind of guy. 


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  1. This just made my day! i hope it is true! juan could contribute in a less important role. I agree with you though kyle i have never bought into the Vick hype from day ONE! Hope we draft a QB this year

  2. Jim Johnson succeeded with no-name LBs. And yes, I include Trotter. Because Trotter couldn’t do anything without JJ, he tried.

  3. Ok – please tell me – how many Super Bowls did JJ win?
    what was JJ’s record in NFC title games?
    that’s right JJ was 1-4 in title games – In a WEAK conference – Super Bowls 0-1
    can we stop sucking his cock – PLEASE —

  4. Prediction: any coach that “was much-liked during his eight-year stint on Andy Reid’s staff” is going to have 0% effect on the direction of this franchise.

  5. [email protected] that kick, WOW. I’m sorry, but did JJ have ANYTHING to do with the fact that his HEAD COACH was the one being out-coached on the offensive side of the ball? He didn’t even give up that much to teams in those games!
    -29 points to one of the greatest offenses ever in the Rams. A game which we were underdogs just getting the team going.
    -20 points to TB. I’m not counting the Barber pick 6.
    -14 points to Carolina.
    -21 points to the almighty New England dynasty
    Jim Johnson did his job. It’s the offensive side of the ball where Andy was out-coached as usual. Try watching football closer or just don’t watch it at all you fucking idiot.

  6. Who fucking cares? There are no players since they have fucked up the draft on D since 2002. FF Andy Reid and the all about the dolla Yo front office can’t make the right decisions to save their fucking lives and Vick doesn’t have the misenplace to ever win it all CASE CLOSED!
    The only real hope is that when Andy is gone Spags can stay on with the team as D coordinator but they will find a way to fuck that up too.

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