Report: Union to Host 2012 All-Star Game

We’re not turning into a soccer blog, I swear, but this is newsworthy: according to Ives Galarcep – a FOX Soccer writer and a red-stater, no doubt – the Union will host the 2012 MLS All-Star Game: [Soccer By Ives]

The Union and MLS have scheduled a press conference in Philadelphia for Tuesday, where Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter and MLS commissioner are expected to announce that PPL Park will be host this summer's 2012 MLS All-Star Game.


There have been some rumblings that the team the All-Stars will play is Chelsea of the English Premiere League, but that’s not confirmed. Perhaps we’ll find out tomorrow.


H/T to (@DXFlyers)

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  1. Just another step in Philadelphia becoming America’s premier soccer town…a lot of coin could potentially follow that….it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  2. dumbfounded as to why they would put it at PPL park instead of the Linc. I mean, 2 years ago 70,000 went to MLS All Stars vs Man United in Houston. Much bigger soccer market between NYC-DC. Tickets were sky high and sold out in no time for the all star game last year at Red Bull Arena (10k+ seats over PPL)

  3. @Lance, I think the reason they want to have it at PPL is because the MLS wants to showcase one of the league’s newer soccer-specific stadiums. Which is also why Kansas City was rumored to be in the mix to host.

  4. Yea the Don’s said that any future spotlight games for MLS will be in SSS’s only.

  5. oh cool, another soccer post, let me get on the comments and bash soccer….loser.
    PPL Park is amazing. I”ve seen soccer at both the Linc and PPL, while the Linc holds more people, PPL park just “feels” right for soccer – and I only have to walk a few feet to get a Victory on tap.
    Regardless of where it is, I’ll be there.

  6. I actually loved soccer at both places. I had seats in the lower bowl corners and angles at the Linc and loved the experience. Much better pre-game festivities (for the USA-Turkey game and Union/Real games) having McFaddens and now “Live” in the area. Also walking distance to Talk of the Town started both of those days well.
    I just know they sell out Union-New England games. Lets add a world class team along with Beckham, Donovan, Agudelo, Shea, etc…and you’ll sell over 70k tickets.
    It’s a bad line to draw in my eyes to host a nationally televised game where a non-soccer fan would turn off the TV when they realize less than 20k people even showed up for the game..regardless of capacity.
    Unless they go back to the East-West all star game (which would easily sell out PPL, and not cost as much as getting Chelsea/United in to play), I think it’d be a bad mistake.
    I would have to assume that, if at PPL park, the only people there would be Union season ticket holders. And they might even short-hand the supporters and hand out tickets to those who pay thousands of dollars for season tickets in NY or DC or fans from all over the MLS as compared to the (beautifully) inexpensive tickets in the river end.
    Just not attracting non-soccer fans to the game if it’s overly expensive on the 2nd market to even show up (insert supply and demand between 68k seats and 19k seats)

  7. Chelsea is definitely on the decline, lampard’s playin out the string on one leg, torres is a bust, drogba will be gone by then, john terry is old, no star power…Blah. The kid coach boas gets on my nerves with the trenchcoat. Cheers mate.

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