Report: Union to Sell LeToux

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Look, I’m blowing apart my soccer hymen this year. Really, I am. I’ve purchased or received as gifts four kits in the last six months. I’m religiously watching English Premier League games on weekend mornings, and, more importantly, I’m enjoying them. Go Spurs! But I’m admittedly still a novice when it comes to understanding the sport. 

Here’s what I do know, though: Sebastien LeToux was far and away the best player on the pitch for the Union. Now he’s being sold to Bolton, a team that if the season were to end today would be relegated to the B-league of English soccer. Fun times.: [FOX Soccer]

Philadelphia star striker Sebastien LeToux arrived in England on Tuedsay night ahead of a potential transfer to Bolton, United Kingdom-based sources told FOX Soccer Wednesday morning. The Union are prepared to sell the 28-year-old French striker in a move that would allow Philadelphia to keep young attacker Danny Mwanga, around whom trade rumors have recently circulated. The move would also free the funds needed to replace the all-star LeToux.


Goodbye, Sebastien. The Philly area will always have that time you dooped Dorothy in a West Chester bar… which readers can see after the jump.

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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who gives a F

  2. they must be really high on this UCLA forward they drafted. NEED defensive depth and more midfield creation!

  3. This might do a lot of damage for the Union and the fanbase. Especially if the Union miss playoffs this year (the fans will blame selling Le Toux). However, I think it’s bitter sweet, cause he’s a great player, but also, I think he deserves a chance to play in the EPL. I wish him the best of luck, and actually hope the sale goes through. I will instantly become a Bolton fan.
    Currently I only care about West Ham cause of Green Street Hooligans.

  4. gotta love the assholes who comment on a story they dont care about. Open your eyes soccer is here to stay.
    its sad to see seba go

  5. you are simmons jr even more than i thought…he “adopted” the spurs as his EPL team like 5 years ago.

  6. Conor,
    Yeah soccer is here to stay, and Lacrosse is about to break into the inner city hoods. And NASCAR fans are going to be open-minded and join the Occupy Wall Street movement.
    Thats great there are people passionate about it. But go to a soccer blog.
    That applies to you too Kyle!

  7. people care enough about soccer to leave comments and not just ignore the article? Soccer really is here to stay then, you idiots.
    And it’s an understandable sale. Bought cheap, sold high. Made a lot of money. I still think this team grabs a venerated Striker out there on the cheap after the seasons ends (May) or before the transfer windows end. But it’s certainly a youth movement, and Mwanga has to play like the first overall pick he was.

  8. Crossing Broad is a Philadelphia sports blog, the Philadelphia Union are a professional Philadelphia team.
    Get over it already.
    You think I care at all about the sixers?
    No, but do I jump on the comment sections in those articles and bitch about it? No.
    Sucks seeing LeToux go to England, though I don’t think he produced as much as he should have this past year. He’s a very iconic player, albeit on a very young franchise still trying to find an identity. And I guess Mwanga is their guy, and I’m ok with that.

  9. I know the MLS is like a stepping stone league for some players… but the Union need to try to hang on to LeToux. He is the heart and soul and motor of this team in the midfield. His energy is unmatched and the man can score goals… something this team has struggled with over their 2 seasons of existance. Please keep Frenchy!!

  10. World Cup soccer is exciting. Soccer in Chester is not. Go dust off your WNBA jerseys and pout.

  11. Remember that time, or those times, up until or around about less than, maybe a year ago, when CB was anti-soccer, and merely posted major Union news to calm the masses? Throwing around words like ‘pitch’ and ‘kit’ doesn’t make your input worthwhile…

  12. Strikers are a dime a dozen, midfielders? thats a different story… Spurs are close to losing Adebayor off loan. Harry Redknap is the most entertainig manager in the EPL, he always looks like he’s hungover or headed for a heart attack.
    The union will pick up a striker, holding onto mwanga is the smart paly.

  13. Why does This guy always look like a douchey French shit head in every picture? Ohhhh….. I see.

  14. I want him to stay, but it’s better for his career if he goes. Also, fuck the people that are talking shit about soccer, go suck Joey Vento’s dead cock.

  15. Yup. Soccer’s totally irrelevant. Especially in Philly. Oh, wait: the Union outdraw the Sixers. By a lot. And their fans are nationally renowned for being passionate, creative, and a force for good in the community. Yeah, we should probably just mock he sport and the folks who enjoy it.
    Oh, and we should mock Le Toux for looking French. Because we’re creative.
    Kyle’s right in target: Le Toux is exactly the kind of athlete we value in Philly. Hard-working and occasionally hard-living. He was the face of our Union franchise for 2 years. Let’s wish him well and hope that Mwanga and he youngins step up like Cooter, Read, and co.

  16. Hey jjizzface the Sixers are also pretty irrelevant so congrats on outdrawing 4000. Go eat a croissant fag.

  17. A. Union still draw 4,000 more than the Sixers, even when the sixers win and have some of the most talented players in the world.
    B. 40 years ago that foreign sport of wacko Canadians on ice received the same warm welcome from the masses in this city.
    Guess it’s absurd that by far the most popular sport in the world finally catches on in America eh?

  18. Gotta love those exciting 0-0 and 1-1 ties. I have a hard time getting into a sport where there’s maybe 1 or 2 goals a game, if you’re lucky, and nobody knows how much time is actually left in the game except for the ref.
    I’m not trying to crap all over it, but there’s not enough scoring chances to keep my attention.

  19. When I saw you start to comment on soccer I always hoped for some mention of Spurs. I still maintain that they’re a Philadelphia team located in North London from the parallels between the team and fans.
    Just think about how mad these soccer haters would get if you posted stories on Tottenham…cant say I’d be opposed though. Let’s beat Man Shitty this weekend

  20. Nooo I love Seba! Mwanga is overrated and has NOT played like we need him to. He’s more often than not non-existent and can’t create plays like Le Toux can…nor can he finish.

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