Sebastien Le Toux Checks Out His New English Lover


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  1. More important his (potential) new squad Bolton beat Liverpool 3-1. That’s ridiculous. FYI – that is (probably former) New York Pink Cow (and US defender) Tim Ream next to him. Also rumored to be going to Bolton.
    Thanks for the soccer post Kyle!
    Go U!

  2. Help me out with an innocent soccer question. If a player was really good wouldn’t they not be playing in the States to begin with? I always thought we were like the minor leagues compared to the rest of the world?

  3. ^not necessarily Matt, but it comes down to money.
    Here’s how much players in the MLS (including Philly) all make.,%202011%20Salary%20Information%20-%20By%20Club.pdf
    and you can compare that to some of the top in the World,,220011 (remember the transfer rates for currency)
    It’s worth noting that LA pays 6 million for Beckham and 2.3 million for Donovan. Those figures may not be achievable overseas. Thierry Henry came to New York because they offered him over 5 million dollars, more than he was making in Europe.

  4. it can also be very lucrative for some people to play as a starter in America as a starter than a substitute overseas. Also, location (NY, LA) is attractive to some foreign players.
    All of soccer is free agency between leagues, no salary cap, no limit on what you spend, etc. There’s just “transfer windows” when you can only sign players (like the trade deadline)

  5. ^trades also don’t happen. It’s buying and selling. No such thing as a draft, you just sign development players and buy/sell (that’s where you see the 10 year olds getting signed)

  6. The better comparison is really with different College conferences than with minor leagues. TO, Todd Herremans, and lots of other guys played D2 in college, but managed to make it in the NFL still. They weren’t rated highly enough to make it into the top level at the time they were originally recruited, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever be good enough to play at the top level. A lot of players decide they’d be better off starting for an MLS team than riding the bench for a team in a better league. The quality in these leagues overlaps much more than it does from minors to majors.
    As with anybody going up a league, I don’t know that Seba will ever star in the EPl, but he could definitely compete for a spot on a bad Bolton team.

  7. Le Toux at $179,000 versus Adu at $594,000.
    That is why Freddy wears a mask to PPL Park on payday.
    Jokes on you Freddy….Seba stands to make 15-20x his current salary if he makes Bolton first squad.

  8. The mls is a stepping stone for playing in Europe… The quality in the MLS is not even in the same talk as even the second divisions in Europe… It’s rather sad and pathetic how so many people I the US think the mls is such quality… It’s not… Just watch one or two European matches and you will realize that the kick and run style of the MLS would never compare to the bpl, la liga, serie a, and their second divisions…

  9. Kick and run doesn’t compare to the EPl? Maybe not Serie A and definitely not La Liga, but if you watch any one below Newcastle in the EPL table you’ll realize that kick and run is pretty much all they do. England, for no apparent reason, loves that kind of soccer.

  10. Also the Mls has only been around since 1993 don’t forget about that. These other leagues have been around much longer. We have time to grow into a better league, you cant compare a 19 year old league to some of the oldest and top leagues in the world.

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