Shane Victorino Will Be On Hawaii Five-O


Photo: E-PR, CBS Studios


Yesterday, CBS announced that Shane Victorino will be a guest star on an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-O. No word on the air date.

Busy offseason for Shane. He, um, tweeted (a lot), appeared on Exterme Makeover: Home Edition, had his own day in Hawaii, and did a lot of work for charity. We’re probably going to spam him on Twitter at some point to get him on our podcast, too. Your help in that endeavor is welcome.

H/T to (@AZorz33)

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9 Responses

  1. His character will?
    1 – misplay a deep fly ball (will not be charged with an error)
    2 – get picked off first base
    3 – pop up the first pitch after 2 batters in from of him walked
    4 – failed to advance to 3rd on a single to right

  2. Hey Laddie wheredya get that picture from?
    Those ships look like 2 of the 8 Enterprises. The sailing ship looks like the 3rd one (the first of US Navy, as opposed to the “Continental Navy” (sort of an oximoron, no?), the one of the Barbary War fame: AKA “The Enterprize” as we said in those days.
    And of course, the other is none other than the USS Enterprise, CVN-65—”The Big E”—the current of the 8 to bear the name. She’s the first nuclear aircraft carrier. Even though her WWII predesesser (CV-6) is more notorious for the many battles she sailed in, CVN-65 is famous in her own right. Among her history, she was the aircraft carrier used in “Top Gun”. Too bad she’s supposed to be decommissioned in the next few years. Aside from the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”), she’s the longest serving US Naval vessel. She’s also LITERALLY the longest naval vessel in the world. Long things are nice. Too bad Ms. CB hasn’t found that out (yet). Hahahahahah

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