Sixers Third in ESPN Power Rankings

The line for walk-up tickets to today's game, via CSN booking producer Rachel Apple-Vazquez

Good God, we have a basketball team.

The Sixers currently sit atop John Hollinger’s stat-nerdy rankings on, but Hollinger's system is based on metrics, which means the rankings will invariably be influenced by small sample sizes. And though the same argument could be made for Marc Stein’s Week 3 power rankings, his at least factor in a bit more subjectivity and common sense. So, this is all just a really long way of saying “Look! The Sixers are third in the NBA!” 


Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 2.15.49 PM


From Stein:

Which launch surprised you more? When the Sixers alarmingly started 3-13 last season under Doug Collins? Or that these Sixers have the best scoring margin in the league (plus-15.2) by nearly five points over Chicago? Think we'll go with the latter.




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  1. 29th out of 30 teams in the league with attendance though through these first 3 weeks…so apparently nobody is catching on yet.

  2. Maybe people still enjoy buying tickets the old fashioned way, in person. Nothing wrong with that. Regarding the attendance issue, if the team keeps on winning, even Philadelphia’s notoriously skeptical pro hoops fans will want to hop on the bandwagon. In any event, it’s good to see the Sixers being relevant again instead of a lowly afterthought.

  3. Corparations and business buy tickets. How many games can the average family attend? The Sixers are one of the 3 teams in eastern conference have a legitamite shot @ 45 wins keep up the good work guys and coach Collins as Buddy Ryan would say We’ve got a winner in town boys.

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