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  1. The Sixers and Celtics are pulling a freaky-Friday when looking at their records this season. Haven’t beaten that contending team yet, but we are taking care of the teams who shouldn’t be giving us problems.

  2. This so called “great” Philadelphia fanbase deserves more criticism for its pathetic embrace of this team. I know it’s a Monday Night…but 8,612 for the attendance? Come on. Was everyone too busy calling in WIP to discuss the Eagles some more?

  3. @Dave J.
    True, but it’s not like the game was an attractive match-up to your average fan. Shit, I’m bored just thinking about the Indiana Pacers.

  4. Dave J.: The NBA has always been a tough sell in this town. Hell, the Sixers rarely sold out the Spectrum during their 1983 championship run, and, like Chris said, the Pacers aren’t the most attractive draw around. Still, I’ve been impressed with what the boys have done, I knw it’s early, but this team is playing like a team, not a collection of maladjusted mercenaries, like say, the 2011 Eagles.

  5. Collins is only more successful than Laviolette if you think that playing well at home and defense are important. Laviolette does have better hair.

  6. The people in this city are still zombies to the Flyers and Eagles. They pump their hard earned money into overpriced tickets for two organizations who are basically parallels to each other. Both teams are usually competitive but both predictably never win championships for the same reasons every year. Glad to see people still hold onto the Broad Street Bullies as some sacred reminder on why the Flyers are special.

  7. Part of the attendance problem is that the lower level seats are still outrageously priced for a team that hasn’t done anything in a decade. The game on Saturday (against the lowly Raptors) was full in the upper level but it was barren in the lower level cause no one is paying 100 bucks for those seats. As the season goes on, this team will start to draw.

  8. I thank sweet baby Jesus eveyday that Snyder doesn’t have his hands on the Sixers. It gives him more time to fleece the hockey fans.

  9. Do the Flyers ever not sell out? NO one cares about the NBA, 1st place or not in this town!

  10. Most Flyers fans are basically St. Louis Cardinal fans. A bunch of clapping brainless seals who never can be critical and are extreme apologists for a severely stale product. They are perfectly happy with mucking and grinding, playing scrappy, and being spunky instead of just winning a Cup. Where is this entitlement coming from? At least the Sixers are fresh and new with optimism for the future. The Flyers just recycle their usual ways and ultimately just end up on the golf course a few weeks later then the rest of the watered down NHL slop. Said.

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