Steve Spagnuolo to the Saints

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Steve Spagnuolo has been hired as the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints. So… there goes that option for the Eagles.

Andy Reid, however, hasn't been seen since this flip-flopped photo, taken with Shady McCoy in California.


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  1. Lol lol lol lol lol hahahahhahahahahahahah @ the eagles. Thank you Andy for keeping the overmatched wet-back haha. Eagles are a joke

  2. you had to be crazy if you honestly thought the eagles were going to get spags. As soon as Lurie announced Andy was coming back that meant so was Juan. Andy NEVER admits making mistakes, not with play calls, not with draft picks and certainly not with coaching decisions. Firing Juan, or moving him to a lesser role would be fully admitting he blew when he decided to put Juan in that position in the first place.
    I honestly hope there is news coming out soon that the colts hire Marty. That would mean the fat man would start calling plays again. Then when the birds go 6-10 next year Lurie will have no choice but to finally fire andy. He will have to be held accountable for crappy play calling and keeping an offensive line coach as the D Coord.

  3. Adam B: If you’re right and Andy doesn’t admit to making mistakes when it comes to coaching decisions, then wouldn’t Sean McDermott still be here? In any event, it looks like that the axing of secondary coach Johnnie Lynn will be the only sacrifice to the fan base.

  4. @ThePhillyFlash – actually, keeping McDermott would have been the SMART thing to do. He actually COACHED defense before he became the coordinator, I think he just would have had to get used to situational play calling. Whereas Juan had/has to get used to gameplanning, scheming, AND play calling. I think the firing of McDermott was more of a panic move by Reid to cover his own ass. It kind of covered the fact that Reid and the FO have been drafting poorly on that side of the ball for years (at least since after the draft where they got Lito and Sheldon.) They never planned Trotter’s replacement, everyone they drafted to replace Cory Simon flopped. And now they are having trouble replacing the safeties they have let go (along with no linebacker on the roster drafted before the 4th round.)

  5. its hilarious how people are up in arms about Reid not addressing the team. the same people who complain (rightfully) that his press conferences offer nothing are the same idiots clamoring for him to address the media. do anyone expect anythign to come out of a end of season address?

  6. PhillyFlash. McDermot wasn’t as big of an risk as Juan. He was already an assisstant on the defense. He knew JJ’s scheme and he just wasnt ready to handle the position yet.
    Thats a HUGE difference from moving your 13 year offensive line coach who HAS NEVER COACHED DEFENSE to D Coord. McDermot was the natural progression at the time of JJ’s passing. It was the right move to give him a chance since he was already on the DEFENSIVE staff. Andy firing McDermot was not admitting a mistake, it was letting go of someone who wasn’t good enough. Again thats a huge difference than hiring someone who ISNT QUALIFIED to begin with, and then keeping him to prove how fucking smart you are.
    Juan was Andy’s decision and Andy needs to own that. And it was a horrible choice. If you guys believe in the fools gold of the last four wins and how the “defense played better” you need to pay attention. The last 4 games were against horrendous QBs.
    Juan is in over his head, and its seems that Andy has been too over the last 3-4 years.

  7. I’m never going to be able to truly enjoy any Eagles victory as long as a win prolongs this coaching staff’s employment. Fuck.

  8. Adam B & Johnny K: Don’t get me wrong, I had no problem whatsoever with McDermott since he had experience as a defensive coordinator, unlike Castillo. Hell, I wish Sean had been retained as he had done a good job, considering the difficult situation he had been thrown into after Jim Johnson passed away, but I suspect Sean had been sacrificed by Reid after the Eagles failed to go far in the playoffs the previous season. And no, I wasn’t sold on that meaningless four game win streak which ended 2011. Beating up on bottom feeders and third string QB’s does not constitute improvement.

  9. this entire DC debate proves that most Eagles fans and Philly sports writers are living on another planet…
    everyday I see story after story and hundreds of comments regarding a search for a new DC
    the Eagles HAVE NOT indicated one FUCKING time, that they are looking to replace Castillo –
    you’re all nutz –
    it’s NOT going to happen – please come back to reality

  10. Why don;t you go look at the stats for McDermoitt’s “well coached” defense and Juan’s defense.
    I’m not saying I’m a fan of castillo, but do some research before you spew your bullshit

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