Temple Students Rush Court, Wells Fargo Center Security Guards Rush Temple Students


Temple smacked Duke last night. Here’s a hearty congratulations from a Nova alum (if there’s one thing all college basketball fans can agree on, it’s hating Duke). 

As you might expect, students rushed the court after the final buzzer. And, also as you might expect, Wells Fargo Center security guards did their best to stop 2,000 crazies from getting onto the hardwood.

Here’s video from ESPN. We gave you a little slo-mo instant replay at the :30 mark of one student being drilled by an overzealous rent-a-cop:

It’s funny at first, but then it becomes clear that the event staff and their black I’m important sweaters were taking liberties with the Temple students.

Now, we all know the rules about running onto the court or field or ice or whatever, but why do a dozen security guards always turn into gladiators, thinking they can stop a mass of humanity from performing a college sports ritual? Their zeal only worsens the situation. I once witnessed a Villanova student get driven back about 10 feet. What good does that do?

Anyone in attendance or watching on TV last night could clearly see that students were going to rush the court, an action that happens all around the country, usually without incident.

A few notables also noticed the security guards overstepping their bounds:

CSN's John Finger:


Phillies prospect Jiwan James:


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  1. it’s a lossing battle, michael. sticking 10 guys out there against 2,000 is basically conceding the point.

  2. I guess the WFC security did not get the memo to let the students rush the court because they did not expect them to beat Duke.

  3. Kyle, I was there last night (best experience thus far at temple, so happy for the basketball team, as a fellow student athlete). As you can see the students rushed from the sides because the security guards were trying to prohibit the storming of the court from the center. In doing so there were at least 20 students stuck under chairs. Chairs that had collapsed forward over the tiers. The security guards caused back, students tripped on the tiers and then were trampled by others coming forward with chairs. Last night I bet there were multiple broken legs, luckily I’ve seen nothing to report that. Yes, I understand they don’t want people rushing the court, but by trying to stop the inevitable they cause more problems and possible injuries then just letting the students go.

  4. What has the world come to that students can’t rush the court when their unranked school just knocked off DUKE!? Those security guards are all morons. I would’ve simply stepped to the side and smiled with pride that my Philly team just put one in coach K’s eye.

  5. Of course, the inevitable “Hate Duke” comment. Coming from a non-Duke fan who is sick of people griping about how much they hate Duke when it is clearly jealousy that spawns the hate. From the same people that whine about the Yankees buying championships yet still champion the signings of Cliff Lee and other big name free agents.
    Grow up.
    I would probably hate Duke if I were also an alum of the Duke of the Northeast aka Villanova. But at least Duke doesn’t look back on the glory days of one fluke championship from 30 years ago everytime they sniff the Final Four, or one stupid layup from Scottie Reynolds (where is he now?) that clinched a FF birth. Because they don’t have to, they have multiple championships.
    On second thought, I would definitely hate Duke if I wanted to follow a crowd.

  6. We all know that noone was going to get hurt if they just let everyone run on the court….BUT THE REAL PROBLEM IS THAT EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY IS TERRIFIED OF HAVING A LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST THEM…and rightfully so based on what you see in the news everyday.
    If a player or any of the students get hurt then you bet your ass there would be a lawsuit filed against Comcast, Temple U, etc.
    **And I also understand that a security guard could have injured someone in trying to keep them OFF the court….so it’s a double-edged sword here.
    What then need to do is print something on the back of the ticket saying that you understand the risk of serous injury by attempting to run onto the court and forfeit all liability to Temple Univ, Comcast, etc.
    Kyle, this insightful comment should immediately qualify me for that free haircut/rub-and-tug you’ve been plugging all week.
    The end

  7. 1. They are not rent-a-cops, they are SpectaGuard, employees of the parent company Comcast-Spectacor.
    I was one 20+ years ago.
    2. At that station, it is YOUR JOB to keep those without proper access from the floor. I repeat YOUR JOB. The other side is when management reviews the video, they could say to a non-resistant guard “Why didn’t you try to stop the patrons from rushing the floor?” “You didn’t do you job.” Then, you’re fired for not doing YOUR JOB.
    3. I’m sure the guard didn’t seek out this patron, the patron pushed HIMSELF into the security guard, initiating contact, causing a reaction from the guard to push the patron back from whence he came.
    4. Next time you need an usher in the WFC, be glad they are doing THEIR JOB.

  8. Kyle, you saw a someone once get driven back 10 feet by a security guard? This must have been a horrifying spectacle. I have the contact information for a number of therapists / counselor’s if needed.

  9. I was a student there as well last night. There was on large (250+ pound) security guard that I saw who grabbed a kid by his shirt collar and threw him on the ground almost right next to me.
    To be fair, there was a lot of pushing and shoving as the 2000 or whatever people were running on, but I looked back once I made it on the court, and the security guards were really being unnecessarily rough with some of the students who meant no harm. Anyone who wanted to get on the court, got on.
    There was no point to try to stop it

  10. Those security guards must’ve seen 300 one too many times and thought they were Leonidas and his Spartans at Thermopylae. No way on God’s green earth they were going to hold back that surging mass of humanity after the game ended. What astonished me was that they even bothered trying as that was a lost cause from jump street.

  11. please let me know kyle next time you need help at the WFC so I can stand there along with the guards to watch you squeal.

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