Temple smacked Duke last night. Here’s a hearty congratulations from a Nova alum (if there’s one thing all college basketball fans can agree on, it’s hating Duke). 

As you might expect, students rushed the court after the final buzzer. And, also as you might expect, Wells Fargo Center security guards did their best to stop 2,000 crazies from getting onto the hardwood.

Here’s video from ESPN. We gave you a little slo-mo instant replay at the :30 mark of one student being drilled by an overzealous rent-a-cop:

It’s funny at first, but then it becomes clear that the event staff and their black I’m important sweaters were taking liberties with the Temple students.

Now, we all know the rules about running onto the court or field or ice or whatever, but why do a dozen security guards always turn into gladiators, thinking they can stop a mass of humanity from performing a college sports ritual? Their zeal only worsens the situation. I once witnessed a Villanova student get driven back about 10 feet. What good does that do?

Anyone in attendance or watching on TV last night could clearly see that students were going to rush the court, an action that happens all around the country, usually without incident.

A few notables also noticed the security guards overstepping their bounds:

CSN's John Finger:


Phillies prospect Jiwan James: