The Stripper DeSean Jackson Was Photographed With Saw Our Post

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Reader "Muscles" (real name?) sent along another exclusive pic of D-Jac with the stripper. You can see it after the jump.

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 6.51.41 PM


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  1. D Jax must have been coked up if he was hanging in a tit joint with a crack ho at 6am.
    Also I love drinking the juice out of crabs

  2. Why does D-Jac always have that painfull sort of look on his face?
    It kinda looks like his balls are getting squeezed all the time—OK in this case it looks like that’s what that stripper is doing to him there—but he’s got that same look here, with no stipper:
    And here in uniform:
    And here’s the one Laddie often shows:*2e1Rk2XFvKXP6xP6UaHRWoK6XizP*uY7K0mqWb4Y2kk17Ulv3Tq*Wpf/6a0120a6dde087970b0153930e5627970b800wi.jpg

  3. White Boy Jay is the mark of the devil. He would give it all up for a chance to smack Eminem’s white bare ass just to hear Marshall Mathers call him “phat.” Thank god for “Kyle” to bring us this template making journalism. Cronkite and Murrow are stirred, I’m sure. Your cut and paste stuff from Twitter (land of lost souls) is bordering Pulitzer. Have another chicken wing.

  4. Get this AI wanna be outta town, fuckin pussy won’t make a catch over the middle…this brother will be broke within 2 years of retirement….believe that nigga

  5. How can you be a stripper without tits? “Deshawn” is such a fucking low class thug, I wouldn’t give him a dime….his hero is PAC Man Jones and not Jerry Rice

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