This Bet Yet Claude Giroux Montage Will Get You All Sorts of Damp for Tonight’s Game

Nice video work by FlyersinHD on Youtube. Video via Barstool


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  1. Like Asante Samuel is the best off-corner in football, Claude Giroux is the best first half player in hockey.

  2. yeah probably not the best time for a claude giroux post….hes been absolutely invisible for the better part of a month now

  3. Invisible? Who the hell are these people? You mean the leader in the NHL in points? Missing? Do people fucking watch hockey at all or do you just roll out of your parents basement (No offense Kyle) and fucking log on to see who you can trash on the internet while googling naked pictures of Hilary Swank and checking your reddit feed for athiests posts?

  4. I love Giroux almost as much as Laddie Boy does (I’m not sure if I’d get any kind of damp for him, whatever that means), but iwj514 is right (except for the Hillary Swank being an atheist bit, I’m not sure about that). There’s more to being a great hockey player than just scoring points. I don’t care if he doesn’t finish the season being the point leader as long as the end result is The Cup. Look at tonight’s win. Giroux was a big part of the defensive play and helped keep the Wild tally at just one goal.

  5. PS: Tonight it looks like Giroux is getting frustrated about not scoring but Jackson and Clement were right. When you get that frustrated, scoring and winning become harder. So he just should ease up and the goals/points will come to him again. He did great in all other aspects tonight and even watching all of that is fun, especially when they win.

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