This is Video of Brayden Schenn Becoming a Man



Video of Schenn's hit on Steven Kampfer and fight with Chris Kelly, after the jump.

NSFW… or for children under the age of 38.


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  1. Aside from the obvious reasons of HATING the Bruins… I just want to add: “because Jack Edwards, the play by play guy, is douchebag. Fuck him.

  2. I don’t understand why every NHL player can’t hit like this. No charge. No elbows. Just flattened him.

  3. Awesome friggin hit… it’s a shame that ilya bryzgalov is Russian for “$51 million mistake”

  4. I don’t get why guys get jumped now for big clean hits. It used to be only cheap shots where a guy had to fight someone. Although, not bad for two players wearing visors.
    Also, amazingly Jack Edwards is not the biggest homer in the NHL (see broadcasters, Pittsburgh Penguins).

  5. @Real Iron Balls,
    In your original sentence, you should have typed “You’re an idiot.” Your use of “your” there is incorrect.
    You see, “your” is a possessive pronoun. An example of its proper use would be:
    “Your clothes are ugly and should be retired.”
    The contraction “you’re” is like saying “you are.”
    An example of its proper use would be:
    “Kyle, you’re an idiot.”
    Bill Soreman

  6. impressive game none-the-less…starting 8 rookie skaters. No pronger, JVR, or briere. Put up 5 goals on the best defensive team in the NHL.
    There is a reason why Boston is the top scoring and defensive team in the league…
    Won’t defend bryz after this game though. I would like to see him stop a few of those but once again the defense is certainly not giving him any help.

  7. That was one of the best games I’ve been to in a long time …a lot of energy in the building. And Schenn definitely went up a couple notches in my book. It’s nice to see what he is capable of.

  8. The Brayden Schenn you saw yesterday is what his game is all about. YouTube some clips of him playing in Juniors. Huge hits, big fights, big goals. Boom.

  9. Amazing game to be at. Best game I’ve been to in a long time, too bad we couldn’t pull out the W. Bryz made an amazing save where he did a complete split but then gave up some softies. Great atmosphere, but you could sense everyone was nervous whenever the puck got near our net. That is not something $51 mil should buy you.
    However, I do appreciate Lavs sticking with him for the full game. It was that type of game, and hopefully Bryz snaps out of it at some point.

  10. Had to laugh when Jim Jackson said Bryz has still not made a save in a shootout this season. I knew the Bruins would win that shootout. Great game though.

  11. Really find it funny that after every clean hit, Boston felt the need to fight…? It’s hockey, hits like that happen, if you don’t like it, remember the guys number and get him later.
    Atmosphere at the well was absolutely amazing yesterday I must say. A ton of electricity, don’t know if that attributes to all the guys that were trying to impress their ladies (seemed to be a big date day yesterday) or all the “I am really hungover and don’t have the energy to censor myself so I’ll just yell and screamness”.
    One question, Did anyone hear the guy obnoxiously yelling behind the Flyers bench? If so, what was he saying, thought I heard him say put BOB in but I was up in 217. Thanks. Kyle “you’re” the dude.

  12. Definitely heard that guy across the center, and couldn’t pick him out, or decipher what he was saying from 210…he was amazing though

  13. Hahahahahahah
    The Real Fake Iron Balls is an idiot.
    He should stick to avoiding contracktions just as much as he should stick to stop being an impostering poster, cause he’s too stoopid to be originnal.
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  14. PS:
    So Laddie Boyo,
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