Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of 2011: #3 Lindros to LeClair

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This is our third annual “Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the Year.” You can find lists from 2009 and 2010 here and here. We will be rolling out the moments through New Year's Day.

Number three was originally supposed to be the uber cop out Phillies pitching. And while they absolutely deserve praise, it’s hard to pinpoint one facet other than Cliff Lee’s ridiculous June and August months, which came in at number five on our countdown. 

We have a last-minute, last-day entrant: Lindros to LeClair.

Ms. CB and I were seated high above the net, in section 431. Watching Lindros streak down the side boards as LeClair entered the top of the slot, it was clear what was about to happen. We had seen it so many times before.

Nearly an entire generation – mostly people who fall between 20-35 – experienced their first taste of successful Flyers hockey with Eighty Eight wearing the C. Whatever your opinion of Lindros was, or is, it was clear from the day he was awarded to the Flyers that the direction of organization would be forever changed.

At times he was a crybaby. At times he appeared lazy. And he was always hurt. But when Lindros was at his best, few were better. That best often always came with John LeClair on his wing. 

Yesterday, we got to experience the perfect pairing one final time. It was as if time stood still for the last 15 years– nothing changed… except the 45,000 watching them connect in a ballpark that wasn't even around when they wore the orange and black.

Yesterday, Lou Nolan assured us that all was right with the world: Flyers goal scored by #10 John LeClair. Assisted by #88 Eric Lindros… and #8 Mark Recchi.

The video is after the jump.


12 Responses

  1. i hate the fact that lindross is considered a “crybaby,” considering the fact that if he was playing today when he was blindsided by kasparaitis and the douche scott stevens, lindross would’ve been given as much time as needed to recover. instead he was bullied into playing with concussions and wound up having his spectacular career shortened. forverer 88!

  2. it has nothing to do with his concussions. he whined a lot and was a mama’s boy. wasn’t talking about injuries.

  3. Awesome moment. Would be a great story too if you didnt take shots at big E the whole time. Douche.

  4. The food at the ballpark gave me the shits…I shit 2 times in a clogged up toilet with a broken door in a packed bathroom full of drunk white people…sit on my finger Klye

  5. i love how everyone is talking about lindros like they adored him all along. I can’t wait 15 years until Donovan McNabb’s number gets retired and everyone say “I don’t know why everyone talked shit about him”

  6. Watching Lindros and leclair yesterday brought me back to when I was 12 years old again. I loved it.

  7. Kind of sad that the year started with the Flyers & Phillies as the top team in their respective sport … the Eagles were considered a playoff team and we’re talking about the #3 highlight of the year being a goal in an exhibition game! Praying 2012 will be better than 2009, 2010 & 2011 and we will have something to show for all the talent we have in this town!

  8. Did you seriously put a play from an exhibition game as the # 3 sports moment for the year. Are you kidding me?? I don’t know why I read this site in the first place.

  9. Remember when Lindros wrecked his car drunk in Jersey and made his girlfriend switch seats with him? That’s why he’ll always be my favorite Flyer.

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