Video: Beaten Rangers Fan Speaks to NBC New York

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His words:

You see one guy take his coat off, I put one hand up to prevent him from walking towards us. He swipes it away and starts throwing punches.

They grabbed my friend Mike’s hat, they spit in it, they flicked a cigarette at him, they flicked one at me, striking me in the mouth. At that point, I’m still trying to deescalate the situation. 


Auricchio will need facial surgery to repair a broken bone under his eye. Video after the jump.

via NY Rangers Blog


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  1. I hate what this city has become. The Lawyer in this clip is a dope, he thought there would be security at Genos? I hope the dudes that caused this go to jail for a serious amount of time. Maybe then some of these d bags will stop causing problems.

  2. I love how they call his attackers Flyers “fans.” Flyers fans do not act like a bunch of pussies and jump someone. Real fans, if in a fight, will fight one-on-one. The (for a lack of a better word) cocksuckers in this video need to have the almighty shit beat out of them.

  3. Mark, how else would you describe 3 guys wearing Flyers jerseys? Regardless whether they were “real” fans or not, fighting (1 on 1 included) as an adult is embarassing. Obiviously there are cicrumstances that require some type of action or defense, but I’d love to hear these guys defend 3 on 1 with the guy covered up on the ground.

  4. I just hate when the word “fan” gets used, because it casts a shadow over an entire fan-base, even though just 2 or 3 people were the ones committing the act.

  5. His lawyer’s thoughts: That bloody eye on Channel 4 is worth at least 25 grand in the settlement

  6. While what happened sucks I’m still puzzled at how a cop/ex marine has such poor situational awareness and self-defense skills.

  7. I hope the press keeps up – put the dirtbag away for 10 years – the max I believe for 1 count of aggravated assault – this jagoff has the priors to warrant the MAX
    from what I hear, not many Flyer fans in Graterford
    they don’t watch the Winter Classic there

  8. I don’t know about you, Mark, but every time I pull my Flyers jersey over my head, I go out cracking skulls and eating cheesesteaks. And if I’m feeling extra juiced-up, I’ll pick up a snowball and throw it at some poor fat motherfucker dressed like Santa Clause and scream BOOOOOOOO, after puking on him, of course. Why? Because that’s what the national media expects of me.

  9. And of course, he has a fucking lawyer, which is where this has been going since the outset. Hope he gets a nice big settlement! Hair plugs are expensive.

  10. to MM – the dirtbag was able to post additional $30K yesterday pretty quickly
    the lawyer smells money – that’s why the press stuff today – get that bloody eye on film – “this is what my client looked like 17 days after the attack”
    he survived Iraq/Afghanistan but suffered in South Philly

  11. This guy has every right to sue these morons. Not sure what he can get from them, but he should. They attacked him and humiliated him in national news. People get money over minor car accidents and nobody cries, this guy is suing and people think he is wrong. Please. I hope he gets 20% of his wages for the rest of his life.

  12. The guy will sue Geno’s, not some hillbilly from South Jersey. Besides, he had a concussion, so the doctors will make him out to be worse than Pronger.

  13. security at genos? even if it was a chain like mcdonalds, there isn’t security everywhere. I’m not endorsing any of the actions that took place, but you can’t make a claim like that.

  14. Of course he is suing Geno’s thats what low low life shit does. As I have said it takes two to tango. Italian, Cop, Military. You do the math

  15. This guy should sue everyone involved. Why should he be stuck with Medical bills and lost wages because these animals decided to attack him. Of course he is gonna sue Geno’s because businesses have insurance to cover this type of thing. He would never get a dime from the animals who attacked him. What’s he gonna sue them for, the trailer they probably live in??

  16. “He tried to use his training to defuse the sittuation, but it didn’t work.”
    Well, there’s the understatement of the year. Really where do they get these reporters? And why do the worst always wind-up at the Peecock Network?
    Maybe Scottard Twittley/Jay Gayce/Sick Coma/Ron No-L/MPH/ThePhillyFlashInThePants/Or-whatever-dozen-or-so-other-soodoenims-this-impostering-poster-writes-his-textual-diarrhea-as (pathetic), with a little extra efforts and learning, can be smart enough to be another dumb reporter.

  17. Boy O Boyo, “Kyle”, you have really unleashed the dogs w/ this particular post. I can’t believe you’d actually Fall In with the local media on this story. Even a cut and paste rummy like you ought to show some class. Anywho. Cops are like babies: they cry when they are feeling insecure, and they sleep, well, like babies, when everyone else falls in line. Oh well. Semper Fi to this Vet, for he has seen more blood and toil than even you at a Villanova kegger full o’ tough guys. My hats off to this man (for now) and let’s face it, that guinea scum who smacked him around is one needle away from St. Peter’s gate.

  18. Hey Creighton. How’ve you been? Haven’t seen you around West Chester lately. Well, back to looking for my missing glasses lens

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