Video: Charles Barkley SNL Promo

Charles Barkley is hosting SNL this week. Here's his promo with Bill Hader, who is underratedly funny. And this would be the post you can comment on to opine about how SNL just isn't funny anymore, which it is– they've had a good season.


8 Responses

  1. SNL has its funny moments, but virtually anything with Kristen Wiig is NOT one of them. She is one of the single most annoying and unfunny bitches on the planet.

  2. the show blows – all the performers read their lines – so fricking amateurish –
    I can understand a guest host reading, but not the regulars
    a sketch starts with 4 performers and 2 are reading from the right and 2 are reading from the left – they don’t even look at each other — if they suck that much they should tape the shows
    it truly sucks
    if I hear of a ‘good’ sketch I’ll watch it on Hulu

  3. They had Charles Barkley.. one of the funniest around… and they make that shit? That is so fucking terrible… I didn’t even crack a smile during that and Charles is my favorite. Worst. Show. Ever.

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