Video: Claude Giroux’s Sister Gets Engaged at Citizens Bank Park

If she was anything like her brother, she would have said "yes," put the ring on, and Frenched her hubby-to-be all while spinning into the slot on one leg.

Of course, the proposal didn't come without a little bit of encouragement from Claude, who told his future brother-in-law to "grow some balls and just do it."


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  1. I like that “even Brayden Schenn knew” comment. That’s when you know things have gotten out of hand.

  2. Shtick, Schenn lives in Giroux’ domissile, so it figures.
    It looks to be a new Flyers’ tradition taking shape, so maybe Schenn will have to get a place next year and share it with the next rookie. Same with Cooter, now that he got Giroux’ old room in the Briere house.
    If they were Phillies they’d be living in a hotel room during home stands.

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