Video: Girl Flips Out, Gets Primal Upon Acknowledgement by Claude Giroux

Fun starts around :10 mark

I can’t decide if this is hot or not. I don’t know if girls can have semis or whatever (perhaps they’re called “ajars?”), but if they can, this girl had one when Claude Giroux banged his stick in acknowledgement of her sign, which requested a date from Two Eight. For realsies, there was a fuck yeah in there, and we haven’t seen this sort of primal glass pawing since Leo and Kate steamed up that red Renault on the Titanic.  

Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.02.26 PM

Then again, that’s the same sort of reaction I have every time G dangles… so I probably shouldn’t talk.

H/T to newly single Drew (@BuzzOnBroad) for picking this out of 30 minutes of Pregame Live, and (@eliotshorrparks) for updating the video with perfect tuneage


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  1. me too FOXguy. I love guys on this site who pick apart chicks as they are living in their mom’s basement jerking off every night.

  2. She’s like Bam Bam Funkhauser.
    As an aside, you don’t have to be Freud to sense the sublimation at work. It produces some creative results, but I don’t see how Giroux is that attractive.

  3. Shes a flyers fan. That instantly takes you to at least a five on my scale so its a go for me too haha

  4. 1. That girl is kinda creepy.
    2. I wish I had thought up that sign.
    3. I wish I could afford seats that close.
    4. I wish Giroux loved me.

  5. I had tickets down there in November and she was there. How do I remember? She did the same thing when Giroux gave her a puck.

  6. The best part is the “I’m totally fantasizing about getting laid by 28” booty shuffle she does with the “f*** me” grin on her face in the last couple seconds.

  7. It looked more like G wanted to check her out before realizing that chick was good from afar but far from good.

  8. I was standing next to her blonde friend to her left when this happened. She’s like 16. She brings that sign to every game but my sign is better. It’s says J’Adore Giroux Puck Me! No puck. 🙁 and my booty is way hotter than the ice girls.

  9. Jess,
    1. That girl WAS creepy. I was next to her. She brought a fucking lord of the rings Pez set for her friend-complete cast.
    2. Sign, NOT that creative.
    3. Her seats were in the last row.
    4. I wish he lived me too ha

  10. Giroux would never bang that pig. He could literally bang the Virgin Mary, or even the Virgin Connie Swail, before the Pagans got her.

  11. I’m a guy, and I’d let Giroux lick my taint, or even tea bag me. The kid is a God. I wonder if he could shoot a puck in my a$$ hole?

  12. Hey Jeanine W. I like you’re frenglish. Do you grok this?: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” Hahahahah
    Anyway, that fucking Titanic thing always gets me. Why the fuck Celine Dion? Fucking worst vocals ever. If they were doing a Gaelic kinda of thing, why her anyway? (I wish Canada would take her back along with any of those Flyer hating Canookchuks.) James Cameron (of Scots heritage, I presume) could have gotten Mary Black or Enya Brennan. Hell, go with a distant fellow Scot Karen Matheson would have been better. Although she’s not as good as the other two ladies, she’s Scottish afterall and not Irish. But her Ailein Duinn from Rob Roy still gives me the chills (and only an Irishman can play a Scottish hero hahahahah):

  13. Krikey, I should have checked the Wickedpeedia before. It turns out James Cameron is a Canookchuk! No fucking wonder he got Celine Dion. Those fucking Canookchuks are thicker than theifs, they are. And look out what a great life Hollywood gave for him, he’s still not naturalized. Well, it makes no difference, I’m not seeing any more of his movies after that piece of shyte Avitar. Not even his efforts to help with the BP oils spill can make him good in my book. Looking back on it, I really don’t like any of his movies. Sure some are better for the first viewings… Maybe the Terminnators & and perhaps Aliens (but not as good as Ridley Scott); Possibly True Lies… But I never want to see them more than once. But Titanic was the stinkiest and one of the few movies where I wanted me money back. Why did they have that stupid love story when it should have been about the boat that we knew was going to sink anyway? Stupid Hollywood! Stupid Canookchuk James Fucking Cameron! If he didn’t put out another film I wouldn’t care less.

  14. Why are Iron Balls’ posts so friggin long? Tone it down a bit Iron Balls. Nobody reads your shit because they are more than 4 sentences.

  15. LOL at the hand on the glass a la Titanic.
    The girl is pathetic like any other groupie out there. These are regular people and Claude wouldn’t even get a glance without the cash and the big stick so I say get a life.

  16. Look at her response to getting his attention…. she was dripping down to her ankle over him, good for him.

  17. Shes not bad looking… Kinda cute actually. AND she love the Flyers, and Lord of the Rings?! Where do I sign up?

  18. Then again, that’s the same sort of reaction I have every time G dangles… so I probably shouldn’t talk.
    This…explains it all. I also act this way when he dangles. Too bad now that the entire NHL knows how he is, he can’t dangle…funny..

  19. “I don’t understand the Iron Balls persona. Am I missing a reference.”
    Posted by: Schtick Coma | January 18, 2012 at 09:05 AM
    Maybe, and while I’m only a reform skool flunkie meself, you’re definitly missing a question mark.
    And I don’t get the Benjy Bronk Vortex. But We all have our burdens to bear in life, so carry on.

  20. Scottard Twittley: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    We don’t read your shyte because shyte as stinky as yours ain’t worth reading on prinsipple.
    You don’t like what I gotta say, use that scroller/roller down and skip it.
    I can’t help you got reading compreehenshin issues and have the attention span the size of a smigeon of a midge’s piece of shyte. Maybe during your learning years if you spent less time wankering to the sight of Father O’Diddle buggering altar boys you wouldn’t have these problems. Hell, I bet you still wanker-off to fantasies about all kinds of boy-buggering. Pathetic.
    Boy-buggering wankerers like you aren’t worthy of any more of me presshiss time in responding to your shyte comments Fucktard Twittley.

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