Video: Phillie Phanatic on 30 Rock!

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Last week on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon posited that the Phillie Phanatic might really be a woman. Last night, the Phanatic was there in the flesh… or whatever. He even had a speaking part, too. Sort of.

Please help me! I'm an undersea king, I must prevent my daughter’s marriage to Squid Lord! 


No idea what that meant. And for some reason he squeaked like a New Year’s Eve party favor. Video is after the jump.

H/T to the 900 people who tweeted me about this last night and Ashley on our Facebook page for the video


9 Responses

  1. The best was Lemon’s (Fey) excited little hop when she saw the Phanatic.
    Best show on TV.

  2. Looks like NBC can actually afford to pay for the real Phanatic costume and use it’s real name. Not like FX and Always Sunny…

  3. I love how Liz is so excited to the Phanatic. But seriously, wtf with the Phanatic making those sounds? Did they get him confused with Hip Hop or something?

  4. It’s supposed to be a party, right? So the Phanatic makes those noises because it’s a party!

  5. Well, since HE “said” HE was an undersea KING, then it’s proof that HE’s not a FEMALE…
    I think Fey does all the Phillies stuff—didn’t she also wear a cap a few times or was she just at Yankees Stadium during the 2009 World Series?—either as a way of coping with all of Baldwin’s Yankee homering or as some way to stick it to him.
    Tracy Morgan as Judge Ito was the funniest moment, but I like guy from “The White Shadow” playing the President of the COMCAST company (can’t remember the fake name they use for Comcast but the logo looks almost the same).

    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

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