Video: Scott Hartnell Calls Evgeni Malkin The Ugliest Player in the League

That was funny, and so was Max Talbot talking about getting speared in the fucking penis, but we'll have more later on Giroux's on-ice stand-up routine.

Video is copyright HBO via FlyersinHD on YouTube

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12 Responses

  1. Yeah. With Rod Brind’Amour, Mike Ricci, and Darius Kasparaitis out of the league, I think Geno’s got it in a laugher.
    I fast-forwarded through all the Ranger parts — just can’t stomach it after Monday’s result.

  2. Hey who was the Ranger who was digging for all that gold while Torterella was giving his WC 2nd intermission talk in the locker room? I recall he was sitting between that “Weasel” Brandon Dubinkski and “Middle-child of 13” Brad Boyes. Somebody needs to put it on the Youtube, cause he was digging away for perhaps half a minute. Embarressing.

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