Video: Spencer Hawes’ Awesome Reaction, Malik Rose’s “MeeeeeeeekDonald’s”

The Sixers are becoming huggable: Spencer Hawes reacts to Jrue Holiday’s dunk, takes imaginary picture, via (@piercehymson)

When.. in the fuck.. did the Sixers become cool? 

I don’t say that with a negative connotation, at all. There was a time (three weeks ago and beyond) that wasn’t the case. Yes, some of you were jonseing for Sixers coverage, but the vast majority of you didn’t care about, weren’t reading, and certainly weren’t sending me Sixers stuff. 

That’s changed. 

Last night when Jodie Meeks hit a three to push the Sixers over the 100-point mark, an action that gave everyone in the crowd free McDonald’s, this is what my Twitter timeline looked like:


There was more, but you get the point– people are paying attention. And your #shitmaliksays winner of the night was Malik Rose’s Meeeeeeekdonalds drop, which delightfully perplexed Marc Zumoff. You can watch it after the jump.


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  2. Ive tried guys i really have. but i really hate basketball. HATE. IT. Ive resigned myself to the fact that unless the sixers are in the finals or playing the heat. im not rooting for them. in fact its kind of ridiculous that i hate basketball as much as i do but heres how much. i wish the sixers would leave town. and id be thrilled if they moved to pittsburgh or new york or some other city that philly hates just to spite sixers fans. thats how much i hate basketball. im sorry guys i tried the bandwagon. i really did. but i just cant get on. dont hate me for hating basketball the sports just uhh how do i put this….fuckin dumb

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