Why Yes, Virginia, This is Video of DeSean Jackson Sipping Champagne at Rick Ross’ Birthday Party on Sunday Night

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 11.33.42 AM

Chaaaa Chaaaaa!!!! Ya boi gettn’ it in n Miami with Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Trey Songz, Meek Mill, Neyo, Wiz Khalifah and others on Sunday night. Yeaaahhhh boi.

Fucking DeSean Jackson is everywhere. We noted some of his recent excursions here– one of which included sitting courtside at the Heat-Bulls game in Miami on Sunday. Later that day, it seems, D-Jac stopped by Rick Ross' birthday party where he could be seen – at, say, the 1:09 mark of this video – sipping on some Moet while Dre dropped a beat.

The video is after the jump. smh.

H/T to reader Chris for going balls deep to find this video and correctly pointing out that D-Jac was drinking Moet, not Cristal. It's the details that count.


Dj Stevie J Epic Birthday Party w Dr Dre, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Trey Songz, Neyo, Wiz Khalifah, & more!! LIV on Sundays at The Fo from Headliner TV on Vimeo.


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  1. This pains me to say considering I own 2 of his jerseys but…let him walk. He wants to be paid like a top 5 receiver but he’s more concerned with spending his offseasons flying around the country drinking and clubbing with rappers instead of working out and staying in shape. So basically he’s Allen Iverson on the football field…unbelievably gifted to the point where he doesn’t feel like he has to work for anything, he can just show up on game day. But much like Iverson, what happens when Desean loses a step and isn’t the fastest guy on the field anymore?

  2. DeSean Jackson will be playing for the Philadelphia Soul in 2017, or some other arena team. He’s going to be broke by the age of 35.
    Don’t sign this fuck ass in the offseason, let him walk. Find some other speed talent.

  3. SOMEONE(outside of Philly) sign this freaking guy, PLEASE! I am beyond tired of hearing about him. Cant wait til he is some other fanbase’s headache. I wish him the worst. I hope he goes to a team that doesnt have the Maclins, Celeks, McCoys etc… that help make D JACK a better player, so the rest of the league can see how big of a one trick pony he is!

  4. haters…he’s a wide reciever in the NFL in 2012
    being a spoiled-brat, primadonna ass-wipe is part of the equation
    Jerry Rice: I look up to you more and more each year.
    Would ANYONE have thought 20 years ago that Michael Irvin would be the pinnacle of class and hardwork??

  5. what the fuck else would a 20 something kid with lots of money and no job to report to at 8 am daily be doing?????????

  6. some of you guys are pure idiots… what player is preparing for next season already????? name me one and i will wait… i’m sure he wasnt the only nfl guy there… guess what all the nfl players not involved in the superbowl will me at the maxim and playboy parties later this week fucking chicks you can only dream about in your masturbation. When if is time to prepare for next season Jackson will put his work in no matter what team he is playing for. hop off the kids dick already. you people hating him were the say folks riding him when the Modells video was posted.

  7. He will be broke within the 1st 6 months of his retirement.
    * Also Kyle, please post that 97.5 caller punking Tony Bruno- Classic!!!!!!!!!

  8. @scrooge, i guess you are right. But you know who trains 6 months prior to the start of the season, Roy Halladay and Chase Utley. Which is why this city LOVES them. And you pretty much prove my point of why the NFL is slowly and steadily becoming the NBA, meaning a bunch of ghetto “yung boi’s” wanting to be rappers who dont think they have to work hard to “stay on they grind”…. Also, i cant name any 20 something NFLers that are training, but if D Jack was a true gamer, he would realize that his attitude and lack of work ethic are the biggest road blocks to a new contract(and not going over the middle). And take the opportunity to prove the world wrong, busting his ass showing he is dedicated to his craft and starting fresh. Nope whats his dumbass do??? Go to rick ross’ party and get pics taking with hoodrat stripers that looks like a man. Job well done D JACK

  9. @Scrooge McEagle…Except that Desean doesn’t have lots of money, by all accounts he’s basically broke and living off a credit card loaned to him by his agent until he manages to sign his next contract. You’d think that reality might motivate a person to EARN that next contract, especially after the disaster of a season he just had. Instead he’s flying coast to coast drinking with rappers and disgusting strippers that look like trannies.

  10. D Jackson’s father has to be turning in his grave right now. Shame the eagles have no leaders to straighten this kid out

  11. Deezy… even if those reports are true his broke and your broke are two different worlds…
    hey adam take a trip to the ghetto the white one or the black one and spew some of your racist banter and see how far you get… so when halladay and carpenter are out on their fishing trips drinking disgusting beer they are preparing for the season???? fuck out of here athletes take time off and when it is time to tune the body back up they will be ready.

  12. D Jax is just a kid in his 20’s having fun. What’s so wrong with that. Too many stiffs/nerds on this comment board

  13. I lol’d at the Michael Irvin “pinnacle of class and hard work” thing. What are the standards for that exactly, wearing suits the network provides and not being caught with crack pipes and hookers lately?

  14. chill out with the yes Virginia thing…not funny…and why is beer disgusting Scrooge? Anyway Djack is soft … he can hang out with who ever he wants but dont be short arming passes over the middle. Yea you already concussions and your 150lbs, but you think playn like a pussy is gonna get you paid.

  15. Michael Irving… oh my god i think this is the big one Elizabeth… that dude was a freaking crackhead.

  16. DJax has got to go, i would take a duffel bag of footballs instead of this faggot. Victor Cruz > Djax.

  17. Can anyone explain why rappers, basketball players, diva football players & Brent Celek celebrate their birthday like its their sweet 16???????!

  18. i swear some of you people are straight stick in the ass squares… smh @ Mark Casey.

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