Winter Classic Pushed Back to 3 PM

Like they did with the Alumni Game, the NHL has pushed the start time of the Winter Classic back to 3 p.m. due to sun. Lots open at 9. Citizens Bank Park opens at 1.


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  1. Why the hell did they even schedule these games for 1pm in the first place? Yes, there tends to be sun at that time of day…

  2. couldn’t agree more…i purposely scheduled my day around the 1pm game time…now i can only watch half the game!

  3. How about fuck off? I can bitch about whatever I please and I certainly won’t listen to a grown man that goes by “Tommy”

  4. Happy New Year Laddie (and a belated Merry Christmas)!
    They also just mentioned about an hour ago that Bobs is starting.
    I guess Bryz is still lost in the woods and they can’t find him. Hopefully his sexy “blond”-haired, blue-eyed huskie can keep him company while he ponders the fate of endangered tigers in our humunngus big Universe.
    Maybe the Flyers will be smart and put Neil Little in as a back-up to Bobs. Hahahahahahah. Both he and LaForest did good but Trees might be too old while Litts is even younger than Dwayne Roloson.
    Hmmm. LaForest… aka Trees… maybe he’s the one screwing up Byrz for whatever reason… Jellousy? Hahahahahah.

  5. They schedule it at 1 so it gives them room in case they have to push it back. And they couldnt schedule it for today because nbc has an agreement to only show nfl games in sundays

  6. You were dumb if you ever thought this game was gonna be played at 1 after last year and Saturdays alumni game. Do you even know who Tommy Soderstrom is fresh? Or did you just start liking the flyers when they got good?

  7. Yo, IBM! Didn’t you used to sell computers?
    Meanwhile, is it too late to bring Roman Cechmanek back?

  8. Yo, FuckedUpFlashInThePan (what yer old lady calls you, no doubt), Did you ever say anything funny and have people laugh at it? Until you get over yer OCD comments (as you and as Ron Noel), just STFU because your the densest wankerer on this blog and nobody cares what you have to say, Fucker.

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