Winter Classic Was Lowest Rated Ever

Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 1.39.56 PMWhere's everbody else?

Bob Costas sad.

Not even Philly and New York, or HBO, or two of the best teams in the NHL could save the 2012 Winter Classic from being the lowest rated yet. 

The overnight ratings via Sports Business Daily and Puck The Media:

Winter Classic Overnights

2008, Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo, 1/1/08: 2.6
2009, Detroit vs. Chicago, 1/1/09: 2.9
2010, Philadelphia vs. Boston, 1/1/10: 2.6
2011, Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 1/1/11: 2.8
2012, NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia, 1/2/12: 2.4 


Reasons (unofficial): The moved start time, competition from the Outback Bowl on ABC, and the fact that the game was played the day after New Year’s Day, when some (few, but some) had work and school. Still, though, that’s disappointing. We’ll await the results from Philly and New York, which I would imagine were off the charts compared to the rest of the pigskin-loving country.


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  1. it has peaked
    the novelty of the outdoor game has worn off
    way way WAY too much hype for a mid-season game

  2. Block that kick is right. Plus the fact that it was on a MONDAY afternoon competing with most major bowl games. I understand most people had off but its not like it was an official holiday. Sunday night would have been way better ratings wise.

  3. The only people that care are the fans of the teams playing. You know, like every other hockey game that’s ever been played?

  4. The NFL should have played on Saturday again like they did on Christmas Eve so that Sunday could be Winter Classic/Bowl Games.
    The majority of the NFL games didn’t even matter at that point. Week 17 is the most-unimportant week for a majority of the league with the exception of some (not even all!) of the playoff teams/on-the-cusp teams.
    I think Sunday-Night Prime Time would have been perfect.

  5. It’s because the United States is unfortunately one of the dumbest countries in the world. We have the attention span of 10 seconds, which makes football the perfect sport for America. 10 seconds of actual play and 2 minutes of 10 different replays of the play that just happened or the coach or a player on the sideline. Hockey is the greatest sport on Earth because there is constant action, unfortunately we think football is a “pastime” HOCKEY TOO FAST. ME LOVE FOOTBALL. Football sucks, just like the Eagles

  6. It’s most definitely the fact that it wasn’t on New Years Days. It was the day AFTER New Years the day. The day everybody went back to work.

  7. Frank, you must love football, the most exciting game on Earth. There’s more commercials in 1 quarter of football than there is for an entire hockey game. But football is the best! Go back to Haiti? Does that even make sense? Go watch your football you neanderthal idiot

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