Beautiful Sight: A Plumpish Ryan Howard Running

Ryan Howard Running

Via (@DavidHaleTNJ)

Isn't that such a pretty sight?

Ryan Howard has been doing some light running, and from all reports, he is ahead of schedule. Let's take that with a grain of salt and remember an Achilles injury is extremely difficult to recover from.

Regardless, he's running… and maybe he should keep doing so, because, in this screen grab from a Delco Times video, Howard looks, um, fat:

Screen Shot 2012-02-20 at 11.24.39 AM

Videos are after the jump.


Video via Ryan Lawrence, Delco Times.

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28 Responses

  1. He looks a long way from game shape. I’ll take my chances and wait until after the AS break for him to heal, lose some fat and take some swings.

  2. Hey, a fat Ryan Howard is a homerun hitting Ryan Howard. I remember a time, before he lost that excess weight, that he would hit 40 homers a year.

  3. Fat Ryan Howard won ROY, MVP, and a World Series Championship. Fat Ryan Howard once hit .313 for a season.
    Skinny Ryan Howard struggles to hit 30 HR and break .250. He finds a way to strike out in every meaningful situation. Skinny Ryan Howard also has managed to injure himself each of the past two seasons. Skinny Ryan Howard conned the organization into paying him 125 million dollars for production we could’ve gotten from a guy like Carlos Pena for 1/5th the investment.
    So I say sprint straight back to the buffet, Ryan.

  4. I vote for plump ryan over svelt ryan. My enjoyment of watching the phillies play has a direct relationship with his weight. The heavier the howard, the better the overall experience and end result.

  5. Maybe this will be like in Rookie of the Year. Ryan injures his achilles and comes back with insane power and speed.
    He may want to get back on that Subway diet first, however.

  6. Fat Howard hit 40+ homers/season. Moderately athletic, Subway powered Howard, not so much. I’ll take a fat Big Piece over a thinner one any day of the week.

  7. It’s not his weight. A study done by Acta Sports shows the shift takes 100 points off his average. His inability to adjust is what hurts him.

  8. That fat fuck better lose some weight. I saw him a Chickie’s two weeks ago slamming 2 dozen wings and clams white.

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