A Much Better Photo of DeSean Jackson at Last Night’s Sixers Game

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Since the Philadelphia sports world has briefly stopped spinning this afternoon, here’s a clearer picture of Los Angeles native and Philadelphia millionaire hundredthousandaire DeSean Jackson rocking his Lakers jacket and Kings hat last night. He must be a Mike Richards fan.

And yes, this is why the Sixers wouldn't show him on the big screen or TV.

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  1. I didn’t think anyone could look dumber wearing those glasses than Iggy but I think I stand corrected.

  2. To be fair he was born in LA and is just repping his home teams. But to be a philly fan now fuck that dirty jerkoff.. don’t be a player on our team, in our house, repping the opponents colors. And you wonder why the Philly fans want you out of herreeee. Dick

  3. Who the fuck wants to give this guy $50 million when we have so many other needs than WR? Think about it….I recognize he is a play maker and star, but when you have Avant, Maclin, a very good TE and the potential to draft a decent WR, all of which aren’t brain-dead thugs like he is, I say spend the money wisely. He is also one powerblast away from a career ending concussion. No wonder the Eagles haven’t extended him.

  4. There’s a reason people don’t wear vietnam war era horn rims anymore, with the exception of Buddy holly and suoerman did anybody else score pussy wearin these things? he looks like a window licker, a broke ass window licker.

  5. If you were a professional athlete from Philly playing in LA, would you wear a Dodgers hat to a Dodgers/Phillies game?

  6. Total Toolbag. No other words for this clown. Tag him with secondary Franchise tag, match an offer and trade him and his Middle School girls body to the worst team you can find for a pick or the cities’ goaltender.

  7. Hes been at Sixers games for a week straight and the fine football writers in this town (Domo, Bowen, and McClane) havent been able to get an interview?

  8. ‘Fine’ football writers?? Have you gone mad Faber? Those hacks just regurgitate each others plagrism of the other. Big Balls Bowen talks shit in the paper about guys and then sits there right next to them on DNL like a starry-eyed Justin Beiber fan. He’s an embarrassment.

  9. Throwing millions (well, the kind of millions HE WANTS) at D-Jack would be as dumb as the Flyers are looking now with the entire BRYZ experiment. He is a an above average WR who is afraid to run the dangerous routes through the middle of field, as he knows (and anyone with a brain) that he is one truck-stick hit away from a career ending concussion. He takes plays/series off, and that alone should merit not paying him the kinda of ridiculous money he wants (or Agent Drew-bie wants).
    He is blazing fast, he can catch, but he is NOT elite, and this year he completely disappeared in what was a season long audition across the ENTIRE NFL for a new contract. He’s worth AT MOST $7-9M a year for 2/4 years.

  10. PS – I cant hate a pro athlete for being fan of other cities teams, we can’t put that kinda expectations on them, its a bit like “Oh I moved to NJ/NY so I have to now like the Jets/Giants”
    Its not fair, its just not. We gotta let that shit slide….

  11. How about fake glasses? That shit’s dumb as hell. A-Rod was sporting some fake glasses too. D-jac is pathetic.

  12. I have more respect for DJax, who is from LA, than I do for Kobe Bryant, who attends Phillies/Mets games in his Mets gear. That said, I can not see why people get as geeked up as they do about this stuff. If you care about your team, why should it matter to you what anyone else thinks about them?
    Secondly, I do not see Jackson back next year. Not for stuff like this picture, just because he is too small to invest big money into, and the franchise tag will be too much, even on a one year deal, for this organization to stomach.
    Its been real DJax, one.

  13. @Steve, if you’re Kobe Bryant you would/do.
    Anyway, I have my issues with DeSean but I can’t say staying loyal to his hometown team is one of them.

  14. If he’s wearing those dorky glasses in some misguided effort to look smart and land a smart chick, he’d better try someplace better than a Sixers game.

  15. Guy was in the last year of his contract and did not show up. How do you think he is going to play after he gets millions.
    Immamature, a bad attitude, damaged goods… An amazing talent but the downside outweighs the upside. Gotta take the pass on this one!

  16. Dont hate on DeSean… I remember a few years back Rasheed rockin’ a flyers hat post game in the garden while the bruins and flyers were playing each other in the playoffs

  17. im a little to straight to care so much about what another man wears (glasses) and he’s a classy guy for sticking with the team he grew up watching.
    if you move to pissburgh and show up to a game in flyers attire, your as much of a “scumbag”

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