A Pissed Off Sebastien Le Toux Rips Union, Breaks Down in Front of Fans at Kildare’s

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It doesn’t matter whether you like the Union (soccer) or not. Yesterday, the team sold their best player, Sebastien Le Toux, to the Vancouver Whitecaps* for an undisclosed sum of money that some think will be put toward signing current rent-a-player Roger Torres. As you might imagine, Le Toux was pissed at that reality, and he spoke with Chris Vito of the Daily Times yesterday to tell us all just how pissed he really was. 

*For those who don't know– Two weeks ago, Le Toux was nearly sold to Bolton in England, but performed poorly at a tryout and was sent back to the Union.

Here’s some of what Seba told Vito: [Delco Times]

“The only thing they wanted is the money,” Le Toux said. “Being with this team and being a guy, not to build around, but to help this team, was what I wanted. … They must have wanted to sell me for money because they needed money. We don’t have a nice practice facility and that is something they promised since I am here. It’s terrible.

“That’s why they pushed me to Bolton — money.”

“I asked Peter (Monday at YSC) what was going on and he didn’t let me talk,” Le Toux said. “He started to get mad at me, telling me that I was very not respectful to leave Bolton early. I told him, ‘First, I respect myself.’ But I always did everything they asked me to do. I came from vacation in the Dominican Republic for the Bimbo (sponsorship) announcement. I always was respectful. … It was like he was saying, ‘I don’t know if I can trust you on this team.’

“I’m sad because of the way I was treated. I’m disgusted,” Le Toux said. “I’m sorry for the guy who already bought my jersey. Maybe he can get the refund.” 


[Read the whole article here, including quotes from manager Peter Nowak]

Wow. In this world of political correctness – at least in front of reporters – Le Toux’s comments come as a bit of a surprise. He is undoubtedly playing the role of scorned lover in this performance, and with that comes the hurt feelings and finger pointing, but his comments are sure to resonate with Philly fans, regardless of taste: beloved player accuses local team of a heartless, directionless money grab

Needless to say, if this were the Eagles or Phillies, we would be hurling pitchforks CBP and The Linc. 

What’s worse, Le Toux is beloved by the Union faithful. And never was that more evident than when a tearful Seba and his smoking hot girlfriend showed up at Kildare’s in West Chester last night to thank fans, who serenaded him and showered him with gifts. Really.

Must-see video after the jump. In 2012, you rarely – if ever – see an athlete display this sort of gratitude and accessibility to his fans… even if he is only an MLS player.


H/T to reader Tommy for the video find. Video originally taken – sideways – by barbcvphilly on YouTube. We edited and rotated.

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  1. Drinking in West Chester is great. You may run into a Jackass cast member before he drives into a utility pole.

  2. Since we will never how much they recieved for the trade it will eb hard to make quantitative justifications (big words)… but there are two side to this story and I respect both sides equally.
    While I am sad to see Seba go, I can understand the benefits of getting top dollar for an expansion draft pick that has one year left on his contract.
    Ad Finem Fidelis – Faithful ’til the END
    not Ad Favoritist Exodus Fidelis

  3. i don’t give 2 craps about the Union..but that was really touching..
    I work with someone who was a server during the first season at their stadium..between paying for your own parking, being charged full price for food and drink and uniforms, I think you actually lose money by working for them. Who runs this organization ; Norman Braman.

  4. You don’t sell off 25 goals and 20 assists and not expect backlash. I wish i made it out last night so i could thank Seba for everything he’s done for soccer in Philly.

  5. Yeah enough about soccer, I prefer my sports teams to be full of stuck-up, self-involved, inaccessible prima donnas. The rest of the world can keep this soccer thing.

  6. Le Toux was the classiest of classy stars. He signed autographs and took pictures with fans for literally hours after games. If he ever saw someone in Union gear, he went out of his way to say hi and talk with that fan. I know because that happened to me on several occasions.
    The way that this ended is disgusting, and is absolutely horrible. To do this to a guy who always gave everything he had for this team is crushing. It’s cool if you come out and say that you wanted to take the team a different direction. But don’t disrespect a fan-loved player like that.

  7. Know what’s becoming even more annoying than soccer fans talking incessantly about soccer in Philly? People bitching about soccer in Philly. It’s here. People like it. They’re gonna talk about it. Get the fuck over it.

  8. Big like J.T. Not liking soccer is fine, but thinking that any soccer fan gives a shit that you don’t like soccer is just ridiculous. If you don’t like soccer, why read this and take time to comment? Go read about the Eagles, safe in the knowledge that you’ve never had a thought of your own, you dumb cunts.

  9. I was never a huge soccer fan, but after going to a couple games I realized it’s really not that bad of a sport. Is it the most exciting sport? No. But you can have a good time.
    I guess all of you who are complaining about soccer would prefer Kyle to write a post about the Eagles so we can talk about them 365 days a year, even in the middle of April and May when nothing is happening with them, as opposed to talking about a soccer story that is current.

  10. People railing against soccer are swimming against the tide, it’s globalized, philly’s on the globe. the concept that it’s only hipsters doesn’t hold water either, im in my mid 40’s and have been glued to the epl since 95′. i’d admit my case is rare, however, hit the iron abbey in Willow grove on a saturday or sunday, it’s not all hipsters.

  11. Hi,
    I hate soccer because I’m an American and everyone not born here is worthless and has nothing to add to my definition of what is awesome.
    Case in point: our version of football! A staged war game played by fat-asses in tightly timed implements with a rulebook the size of a legal enecyclopedia? Fucking awesome! Contrast that with soccer, aka “football”, a lazy chess match played by delicate metrosexuals with no time stoppages, which imitates life by being mostly boring with one, maybe two fleeting moments of brilliance.
    No thanks, Frenchy.
    Remember this, frog: a hamburger always trumps steak frites. Though in fairness, real Americans like DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy and DeBrent Celek would eat both, because fuck vegetables.

  12. It was such an honor watching him play for the Union.Already miss him.Good luck #9…
    We love ya, we love ya, we love ya
    And where you go we’ll follow, we’ll
    follow, we’ll follow,
    Cause we support Le Toux,Le Toux,Le Toux
    And that’s the way we like it, we like
    it, we like it
    Oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh
    After reading that,I could really use a quality grooming experience.I hear American Male is great.

  13. ” Hi, I hate soccer because I’m an American and everyone not born here is worthless and has nothing to add to my definition of what is awesome. ”
    – That’s actually accurate #sargasm.
    Nice call.

  14. Soccer will most likely always be debated because of its very anti detractors and its staunch supporters. Some people just love to rip on it, I think we need to take blog comments a little less seriously cause it’s only gonna piss us off more.
    I happen to like watching the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Union (is that weird?). And of course Tottenham, the English Philadelphia team.
    Come on you Spurs

  15. God I hate soccer so much that I clicked on this post just to say so!
    Who wants to talk about how much we hate Juan Castillo instead?! That’s more fun…..

  16. All the haters that click on this page to say how much they hate soccer are just creating more views for Kyle. More views = more advertising money = MORE SOCCER POSTS
    You idiots are only validating his reasons for making more soccer posts

  17. first the Dragon, now Seba. terrible week for the Union faithful. keep it up management, you just might lose the most faithful MLS fanbase.

  18. i cant tell if this is a Flyers article or a Union article. Why do people equally hate sports not created in this country so much?
    LE Toux will be missed and ther eis now severe pressure on Mwanga and the new draft pick to soak up the already anemic offense.

  19. why are you guys bashing soccer? ever notice how hockey and soccer dominate countries in Europe? But in america we idolize LeBron because he can throw chalk dust up in the air before games? Or Kobe the rapist?
    Give soccer a chance, I used to hate it but gave it a chance and it is extremely fun to watch.

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