A Smiling Jerry Sandusky is Flummoxed as to Why He Can’t Go Outside and Throw Biscuits to His Dog

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Jerry Sandusky was all smiles in court today when he appeared before a judge to hash out details for his upcoming trial, which is tentatively scheduled to begin on May 14. According to those in attendance, Sandusky laughed off questions asking him if he was sure that he wanted to be tried in Centre County and waive his right to claim an "unfair trial" — he was. 

Sandusky also asked that his house arrest be modified so that he can visit his grandchildren. Prosecutors, however, don’t want him to even be allowed on his porch, since some at a nearby school have seen him sitting outside during recess: [Patriot News]

Prosecutors agree his bail should be changed, but they want it to be more harsh, saying he shouldn’t be allowed outside on his porch, which borders an elementary school playground. A Lemont Elementary School employee testified today that children have seen Sandusky from inside their classroom and during recess, which causes disruption.

"This home has not been safe for children for 15 years and it’s not safe for children now," the prosecutor said.

Sandusky also asked to be able to leave home for two hours a week to visit friends. His lawyer noted he'd be able to have visitors if he were in prison. 


After the hearing, Joe Amendola – the worst attorney in the world – thought it would be a good idea to roll Sandusky out in front of the assembled media… because surely such a move could only help with public perception.

Here’s some of what Sandusky had to say about the issue brought up by neighbors, who were creeped out by the former Penn State defensive coordinator sitting on his porch watching children:

Finally, to address their concerns for me being on my deck. Our home has been open for 27 years to all kinds of people, people who have stayed there, hundreds of people who have stayed there. More than that who have visited there. I’ve associated with thousands of young people over years, and now, all of a sudden, because of allegations and perceptions that have been tried to be created of me, now I can’t take my dog on our deck and throw out biscuits to him

Now all of a sudden, these people turn on me when they’ve been in my home, with their kids. When they’ve attended birthday parties, when they’ve been on that deck. When their kids have been playing in my yard. And when their kids have been sled riding when they’ve asked to sled ride at our home. It’s difficult for me to understand, to be honest. 


I don’t think we need any commentary here. The full video of Sandusky’s creepy statement to the press is after the jump.

video via 6 ABC


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  1. Sandusky reminds me of the Donald Sutherland character in Backdraft. Except psycho pedo instead of psycho pyro.

  2. Did the fire look at you?
    Awwwwwwwwww, it DID! It looked at you!!
    Maybe every couple of years Curley can head up to the prison and hand Jerry a doll to get him to show his true colors.

  3. Hate to go all grammar snob on you, but whoever wrote the excerpt of Sandusky’s idiocy has no concept of the different forms of there/their/they’re. And somewhere, Shakespeare rolls over in his grave. 😉
    Otherwise, Sandusky is a douche-nozzle who should be muzzled. Then again, he might like that, so…

  4. Aww come on guys, it’s only a coincidece that an accused child molestor lives within 50 yards of an elementary school. I mean what are the odds that the kids just so happen to be at recess when he’s feeding his dog biscuits.
    Jesus Christ put this delusional man down like a rabid dog. He’s got balls to tell jokes/smile during this shit

  5. I can’t even stand to look at this moron for all the crap he has done….and then he smiles like he’s making jokes….put him away now and throw away the key!!!!

  6. I cringe when i hear this guys voice, i had to wash my speakers out with good music after that video.

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