BREAKING: Flyers Trade For Pavel Kubina

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Pending league approval, TSN's Darren Dreger reports that Pavel Kubina has been traded to the Flyers.

It appears that the Flyers were fed up with the sort of nonsensical defensive struggles seen  On Thursday they traded for mid-level d-man Nicklas Grossman. Today, Kubina.

More on Kubina, who is a solid get and will provide a much-needed right-handed shot from the blue line:

He is a 34-year-old Czech defenseman who has played for Tampa, Toronto and Atlanta.

He has one year remaining on his two-year contract, with a cap hit of $3.85 million, according to

ESPN's Pierre LeBrun says he's hearing it's for two draft picks. Flyers beat writer Sam Carchidi reports that it was for second and fifth round picks. UPDATE: LeBrun says it's a second and fourth round pick. 

UPDATE 2: Andi Petrillo of CBC notes that the league has still not approved the trade. She continues, "rules state teams can have max 50 contracts. Philly currently at 51 with Kubina." They would have to move a contract somehow.

UPDATE 3: The Flyers sent Phantoms left winger Jon Kalinski to the Lightning.


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  1. People like frosty make melaugh. Idiots just don’t get it. You’re not going to get a star dman right now. You takenwhat you can get. And for a 2nd and 5th? it is a steal.
    Now shut up and continue to pretend you know anything about hockey.

  2. A star D-man doesn’t make this team a cup team either so what’s your point Loki? This move isn’t anything big. I’m sorry, I’ll just blindly say “omg the Flyers made a great trade!!! Wahoooo!!!”
    Kubina is nothing what he used to be, this makes them marginally better…and that’s stretching it.
    But I’ll just go back to being an idiot :rolleyes:
    BTW, I said nothing about a star D-man, trading for Suter or Weber would be a waste too unless they sign them which brings up the cap issue.
    But hey, it’s all good…they have 59 million wrapped up in a headcase goalie that we blew up the team for.

  3. ..but so I don’t sound like an “idiot” at least Homer is doing something to make this team better.

  4. So we sit on our hands with the current defense? Yea, thank goodness you’re not involved in running the team.
    Kubina makes the team that much better by not having to continue to rely on rookies(and hopefully Carle).
    But yes, you are an idiot.

  5. Frosty, do you only look at the small picture? The Flyers just made a significant upgrade to their defense not by adding Kubina, but by adding both Kubina AND Grossman. It is the big picture that counts and it is a great pair of moves. Also, Bryz is struggling with pressure (by people like you who lack any sort of patience) but still has great talent. In a little bit of time, he can adjust. Don’t be so quick to pull the trigger on him.

  6. Pathetic and so are any fans who think these 2 defensemen are ultimately going tomake the difference. Go back to sucking Lav’s cock because he was on HBO you faggots. KYLE SCOTT included.

  7. Bottom line….Pronger made Lavi look better than he is…..he made the D look better than they are and he made Leighton look like an NHL Goalie… that Pronger is gone, all of the BUMS were exposed. People gotta stop blaming Bryz…..all it takes is for a Goalie to get hot IN THE PLAYOFFS……it don’t matter who is back there with these pussy Defensemen…..Carle and Coburn BOTH SUCK, REAL BAD, why did Holmgren give him more money???? Holmgren AGAIN gets a free pass

  8. BRYZ is going to make ALL OF YOU eat your words…..and you’ll jump right back on his wagon…..BANDWAGON FANS SUCK!!!!

  9. Bryz is just getting comfortable. 51 million isn’t enough these days to uproot your family. Give him a chance. Some tough shots yesterday that found their way in. He’ll bounce back… be patient.

  10. Kalinski must have been the only career AHL’r in the history of the game with his own TV endorsement deal.

  11. I hope Bryz makes me eat my words, but it shouldn’t take an allstar goalie half a season+ to get “comfortable”.
    Czar: Coburn is not bad. He’s worth the money, he just makes some boneheaded plays from time to time. They happen. Plus he’s young, big, fast and well rounded save for said mistakes.
    Carle however..I want him gone. everythime he touches the puck I cringe…it’s almost always a turnover.

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