Caption This: Hunter Pence and Domonic Brown Pose, Jacked and Shirtless, with Female Trainer in the Middle


I will leave you female readers to yourselves…

Hunter Pence tweeted this picture of himself and Dom Brown, whose job he stole, at Next Level Performance Training in Tampa. I will make no comments about the girl in the middle, but I’m sure you will in the comments…

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42 Responses

  1. Damn. I didn’t think double teaming a girl could get you that ripped. I would think the extra guy would take away some reps from you.

  2. That girl is kind of small. Prolly couldn’t handle Dom Brown’s hammer, so I’m betting Pence banged her.
    Come after me, I’m an man. I’m 40.
    The real Iron Mike Gundy, often impostered, never outclassed.

  3. can any of you internet sleuths get a better pic of the girl in the middle? I can’t tell if she is a 5 or a 9….

  4. Two Men and a Little Lady.
    Those boys are jacked and I have everything I need for a nice night in with a bottle of wine…thanks Kyle.

  5. “Pictured here left to right are Phillies outfielders Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, and Domonic Brown as they prepare for the upcoming season at Next Level Fitness.”
    Anyhow, why is Dom Brown not playing football?
    Oh, right. If he can’t take a decent route to a fly ball there’s no way he’d be able to master the myriad of routes needed to play WR.
    Since it’s looking more and more like baseball isn’t going to work out, maybe he can book a gig selling P90X in infomercials.

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