CB Radio: Do We Care Too Much?

CB Radio is live at 5:00 p.m.

Awesome show. We discussed the story on Ilya Bryzgalov and the thought process that Philadelphia fans should not boo Bryz (not my thought). In addition, we dove into the question of "Do Philly fans care too much?"

You can listen to the show after the jump.

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7 Responses

  1. Do Philly fans care too much? Ask Ilya Bryzgalov…then ask Cliff Lee. We don’t care too much, we just care, which is honestly more than some sports cities can say.

  2. “@crossingbroad: the reason people are talking about Bryz today = my story”
    Hah what a douchebag, i just saw that on a twitter msg to a beat writer. Every flyer fan has been talking bryz for about 3 months, it has nothing to do with your website post.

  3. This is just me, but I’d rather care too much than not care at all. Clearly Bryzgalov was unprepared for how passionate Flyers fans are. Hopefully, he’ll get a clue and come to understand what we’re all about.

  4. Why is it that it’s the fans who get blamed here? Any thoughts that it’s the same fucking questions from the same useless pack of beat writers that every athlete in this city gets tired of? How many fucking ways does a beat off writer ask him that he sucks? We don’t talk to him or any other athlete. Frankly, i don’t think the athlete gives a shit about the booing. They tire of the same old questions every god damn day.

  5. Do Philadelphians care too much? Yes, Philadelphia as a whole invests far too much emotionally in 4 groups of individuals that are over-paid to pay games for our entertainment. Its actually really sad.
    With that said, I am one of those Philadelphians…I care far too much…..and thats why Philadelphia is the best sports city in North America. Athletes in other cities would kill to have a fan base so invested….not complain about it to the media. Go play with your Siberian husky and ponder the universe….someone else will focus on stopping pucks, apparently.

  6. You boo… you make losers. You cheer hard… you make losers winners. If everyone is saying you suck all the time, even if you didn’t you would suck eventually. You lift someone up and cheer for them and let them know you’re backing them they’ll always get better and be their best. If we really cared, we’d try to support them as much as possible. Do you think that when you’re booing that just Bryz hears that? no… the whole team feels booed. So even if they did feel confident and their goalie didn’t, the whole team would lose confidence. Think about it. We’ve all had someone in our lives who put us down… how do you feel after that? like crap. I want my team to win so I’m going to cheer no matter what… I want them to feel like winners before they even start playing. Watch the players in the games they dominate. They’re smiling, you can see their confidence, we’re cheering. When we start booing they get frustrated, their heads hang, they get mad and take penalties out of frustration, and their shooting is off. People do boo for their team in sports. Is it right… no way. If you really care though, you help who you care about to feel secure and confident. I don’t think a lot of Philly fans REALLY CARE. I think the booers are selfish and they suck and ruin our chances of winning the cup. If any of my friends booed the Flyers in my presence, our friendship would be on the rocks. I care about hockey and the Philadelphia Flyers that much. Let’s start REALLY caring philly fans and stop being fair weather fans.

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