CB Radio: Evaluating Philadelphia’s Media Members

CB Radio was live at 2:30 p.m.

CJ Burns and I discussed the Philadelphia media scene – from beat writers to television analysts, radio hosts, and more.

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11 Responses

  1. Every single radio host in this town is terrible. Listening to WIP/97.5 is like listening to a WWF promo interview. Why is it that every host needs a “schtick” in this town? Cataldi is the “Voice of the Fan”, Duh Cuz is the “Souf Filly Guoy”, Missanelli is the “Lawyer” who never practiced, Bruno is the “Souf Filly guy Gone West Coast”, etc…..
    And FYI, sports exist south of Wilmington, north of Pocono, and East of Lancaster. Maybe talk a little national stuff from time to time? There are only so many times I can hear about how Andy Reid must go, in APRIL, or how Cole Hamels is “soft”.
    Sports talk radio in general is horrible, but we are clearly living in the low end of the gene pool here in Philadelphia, and we deserve better.

  2. Anyone on 97.5 fucking blows! And Howard Eskin smells like bigfoots dick and Spike wants to blow the whole Sixer’s team! And Mike Miss is irrelevant! WIP FOR LIFE NIGGA!

  3. Harry Kalas, Gene Hart, Merrill Reese, Mark Zumoff in that order of the best of each team and my favorite of all time.

  4. The new ‘worst’ show on radio is the Mike & Ike train wreck on IP. Hard to decide who is the most annoying: Barfkann and his Chris Berman nickname rip-off schtik or Ike and his lack of knowledge of anything other than football and basketball.

  5. My #1 criticism is the sheer laziness of the sports hosts. They will try to spin lack of Flyers/Sixers talk on the fact that there is no interest. In reality There is no interest because the hosts have basically blackballed NHL +NBA from Sports Talk Radio.
    Its much easier to watch a 3 hour football game and talk about it all week long.
    IN NYC the host will take 45 calls an hour on 15 different subjects. In Philly its 2 stations taking 20 calls an hour all on the same dead horse subject, usually hyper Eagle related. Andy Reid,Juan Castillo wah wah wah……

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