Eagles Beat Writer Jeff McLane Lost Another Twitter Skirmish

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Yesssssssss – Peter Griffin excited noise

Imagine how I felt when, after several consecutive slow ‘loggin days, I awoke from a brief winter’s slumber (I need Vitamin B, sun– badly) to find that Les Bowen punch recipient Jeff McLane had hurled a grammatical assault at Pro Football Talk – which is by far the most read football site on the interwebtuals – and then PFT fired back with an oh-so-perfect and succinct commentary, summing up quite well why Jeff’s employer is about to lay off 37 newsroom employees. Story!

First, the sad news. Earlier, Philly.com confirmed rumors that Philadelphia Media Network will layoff at least 37 newsroom employees: [Philly.com]

PMN spokesman Mark Block said two things are driving the workforce cuts: First, conditions remain challenging in the news business. Also, the privately held company wants "to combine newsroom functions for more efficiency wherever possible," he said.

PMN's top editors met with Guild leadership Wednesday to discuss plans for combining the functions of the copy desks, metro desks, and sports and features departments of The Inquirer, Daily News, and Philly.com. Editors intend to hold staffwide meetings about the changes on Thursday.



Not surprising. 

But then, just an hour later, the man who once ripped his own colleague – yet direct competitor – fellow Eagles beat reporter Les Bowen, calling him an "old hack who hasn't broken a story in years," took aim at Pro Football Talk:

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As you might imagine would be the case with Mike Florio, PFT’s founder who once took a (probably deserved) shot at yours truly, he fired back at McLane with a scathing message, cutting right to the core of the issues the Inquirer and Daily News are having: 

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Of course Jeff wants to continue the dialogue here– Florio just snipped his you know whats.


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Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 11.06.11 PM

Score one for Florio– he’s right. I can tell you from experience that a link from a site like Pro Football Talk, even if they do regurgitate a story, is very valuable, as are the links from any widely read site. The links from such sites should be encouraged, not shown a frowny face. While they may hurt business for mainstream sites (no argument there), they can hurt them, um, less if those sites try to be on the receiving end of links.

Anyway, we assume Les Bowen’s punching bag and Mike Florio’s hair took it to direct message, and, sadly, the rest of the world won’t get to enjoy that cock measuring contest. 

But I think I know who will win.

If this interests you, then you'll probably like this piece by the NY Times. They wrote that PMN owners were interfering with coverage of the paper's sale, and point out that Ed Rendell and Ed Snider buying the papers is a very real possibility.


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  1. In a live chat, I told McLane “don’t be surprised if we target Alex Henery in the middle rounds to be the new K.”
    He replied with something like, not gonna happen, makes no sense, committed to Akers, I know inside stuff and am better than you.
    Guess who was right? This guy.

  2. Jeff McLane is a joke. A terrible reporter… Glad Les Bowan socked him. Wish Les would go after David Murphy next.

  3. entitled villanova douchebag reposting unimportant stories. when’s your flight to clearwater? oh right. you’ll be getting a mani and pedi while actual sportswriters do their job and you vulture their stories.

  4. Well Tony, to be fair only Kyle can take an existing article and spruce it up by describings the cocks of Ruben Amaro and Chase Utley. For some reason the real journalist leave that out.

  5. Is there any way there can be some sort of alert that comes up on my text or email when there is actually an original sports news story focused on one of the major sports in the area? One that doesn’t consist of pussy internet fights, Desean Jackson’s hats, twitter tweets, and or some reference to “sports porn” or a another dude’s dick? Seriously, sports blogs are no better than “E” or TMZ.

  6. I love how people in Philly act as if every Villanova grads last nam is Winklevoss. Just because you’re not a TeamsterRooferMummer doesn’t mean that you have a trust fund.

  7. k- i don’t think you read good. “I can tell you from experience that a link from a site like Pro Football Talk, even if they do regurgitate a story, is very valuable, as are the links from any widely read site. The links from such sites should be encouraged, not shown a frowny face. ”

  8. I guess your lack of ability to express a coherent thought made me believe that you were trashing them for doing exactly what you do for a living.
    You say that they regurgitate – but do they regurgitate Twitter feeds on their site, as well? That’s going out of your way to blog about something completely irrelevant. Not to mention you continue your personal vendetta against mainstream media by acting like McLane got torn apart over twitter by a fellow blogger…when it was one of the most boring exchanges I have ever read.
    I hope these laid off writers start their own site and put an end to this garbage collection of a blog. Maybe they will reference you in their posts with a hyperlink to a regurgitated post about how you took it up the A at nova.

  9. I’m not defending anyone here, but I’ve always wondered, if a reader has such a problem with any particular blog or the people who run them, why the fuck do they spend time reading the content, and then writing posts about how bad they think the content is.
    If you consider a blog to be that terrible, go somewhere else. And stop wasting your incredibly valuable blog-reading time by writing posts on sites that you deem unsatisfactory.

  10. There was a time when this site was worth reading. Within the last six months it went to hell. I come on here a couple times a week now, where it used to be everyday. Maybe I am just holding on to a false hope that the Kyle will stop posting about twitter…and now Linked-In.

  11. K – I believe it’s apparent to anyone who reads this blog that it’s not all serious hardcore sports-related news 24/7. There are always other Philly-related items that come up that some people might be interested in.
    Sure, I’d love to come here to read about what Roy Halladay had for breakfast this morning, but that sort of news doesn’t come to light every day.
    On the other hand, do I give a shit about what 2 Philly area sports writers are fighting over on Twitter? No, I couldn’t care less. But I don’t bitch about it in the comments section either.
    Let us know when you start your own blog. Can’t wait to see how awesome it is.

  12. Maybe some people still check this site every day for something notable, because it’s become a part of a daily routine to pass the time at work. And did you ever think maybe we want to voice our opinions to the man in charge to get back to basics and leave this twitter pussy shit to TMZ.

  13. These writers getting laid off should contact ESPN and create an ESPN.com/Philadelphia and then BYE BYE CB

  14. @K… You are a loser. There is not much going on to write about right now. Get a life you loser idiot moron.
    ESPN is the worst site ever. ESPN/Philly would be worse.
    You probably like Stuart Scott and his stupid sayings, loser.
    If you don’t like CB, get off my site.

  15. @Jay Grace: What don’t you understand about voicing concerns and opinions to someone who is trying to create something worth reading? I’m sure CB appreciates the feedback, whether it be negative or positive. By all means, if the big news of the day on CB about another sports writer’s twitter battles is your idea of good readin’, then have at it boss. This site is your playground. CB probably has less respect for people like you that cry and say “get off our blog waaah waaaah” then people who are willing to give him criticism.

  16. I don’t understand you twats. If you don’t enjoy this guys work, then why are you visiting AND commenting on his site?
    FYI, you give him page views, he wins. Everytime. Douche canoe’s.

  17. FACE- if you comprehended, you would know that some people are commenting for constructive criticism, and are not out to score a moral victory against a blog in the comments sections. Some people are TIRED of certain portion of this site’s recent content. That doesn’t mean they want to boycott the site forever. Other people comment for hateful reasons. FYI- I am not concerned with how many page views a website receives. Does the site get a nickel from World of Warcraft everytime I click the page? I’ll click it 20 times so I can buy someone a wawa coffee.

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